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  • When June Gloom Hangs On

    Tom skipped the waves during June Gloom and took a bike ride along the coastal trail from El Capitan to Refugio.

  • Spring In Our Backcountry

    Tom shares photos from a recent visit to the Goleta backcountry following several rainstorms.

  • Little Waves, Big Beauty

    Tom Modugno of Goleta Surfing uses photography to display just how beautiful Goleta can be. 

  • Goleta School Kids 1925

    Tom Modugno​ expands on the lives of school children from the Goleta School in 1925.

  • Gibraltar Road, Rock and Dam

    Tom shares photos of rock climbers doing their thing on Gibraltar Road.

  • Goleta Gets a Skatepark

    Tom praises the City of Goleta for installing a skatepark at the new Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park in Old Town Goleta

  • Say Goodbye to the Green

    Tom shares photos of the beautiful green in Goleta before it fades away.

  • Sunset Picnic

    Tom shares photos of a sunset picnic overlooking the Gaviota Coast.

  • Goleta the Green Land

    This winter season has brought a lot of rain and turned Goleta really green.

  • Who Was El Capitan?

    El Capitan built the Santa Barbara Presidio, discovered San Francisco Bay and mapped out El Camino Real.

  • Goleta's High Surf Warning in January

    January 8, 2019, the news was focused on one thing. The Big. Dangerous. Waves.

  • Goleta Waterfall

    Tom shares photos of a rare Goleta waterfall due to the recent rainstorms.

  • Save Old Town Goleta from Development

    An Old Town Goleta business owner strongly opposes the Property Business Improvement District (PBID) proposed by the Goleta City Council.

  • 2019 Brings the Surf

    Tom shares all the good surfing news before, during, and after the recent storms.

  • Clean Green Walls

    Waves are upon us! Now, to find some that aren't crowded.

  • The Kellogg Family

    Kellogg Avenue is one of Goleta’s main roads. But who was Kellogg? Well, the Kelloggs were a successful family and they did a lot for the Goleta Valley and Santa Barbara.

  • Goleta's Old Town Christmas Parade Draws a Crowd

    Old Town Goleta held a festive holiday parade with Santa in tow on Hollister Ave this past Saturday.

  • Central Coast Storm Views

    Tom took a hike on the Central Coast during Thanksgiving week to see the passing storm.

  • Feeling Fall'ish

    Tom photographs the changing of the seasons, and the waves, in Goleta.

  • Dos Pueblos Chumash

    European explorers nicknamed an area of Goleta "Dos Pueblos" because there were two Chumash villages right next to each other.

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