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  • Thanksgiving Surf

    Tom shares his thanks to the surf gods for waves a plenty during the holiday week.

  • Coal Oil Point, Campbell Ranch and Devereux School

    Devereux Point, also known as Coal Oil Point, is a popular surf spot and a great place for a nice walk on the beach. But, like most places in Goleta, there’s a lot of interesting history here.

  • Bacara Pollution

    Tom takes photos of pollution and debris surrounding the Bacara Resort near Haskell's Beach.

  • Fairview Avenue

    Fairview Avenue is one of Goleta’s main thoroughfares today. But who knew it’s also one of the oldest routes in Goleta?

  • No Mask Required (Part 2)

    In No Mask Required Part 2, we head to the backcountry for one last fling before the creeks dried up for summer.

  • No Mask Required (Part 1)

    Take your mask off your face and your mind off the latest case count, and enjoy some photos of outdoor activities.

  • The History of the Gaviota Pass

    The latest Goleta History video series focuses on that little crack in the mountains we all pass through, the Gaviota Pass. 

  • Goleta's Prisoner of War Camp

    Tom shares a historical video about the prisoner of war camp that used to be located in western Goleta.

  • Green Window

    When the hills are great and the creeks are running, the ocean has to take the back seat.

  • Who Was Hollister?

    Goleta History compiled a fascinating video on the background of Hollister Avenue and its namesake's Goleta roots.

  • Harry Graham Goes Fishing

    Tom stumbled on a great collection of historic photos of a local fisherman that passed away.

  • La Goleta and Shoreline Railroad

    A steam locomotive in a sugar shaker factory and vintage sports cars all under one roof, thanks to one creative family in the heart of Goleta.

  • Joy in January

    January 2020 brought out the waves. Waves brought out the people. We brought out the camera. Lots of surf shots here.

  • Dawn's Early Light

    Tom shares photos of surfing at dawn in Goleta.

  • Surfing Year's End

    Tom shares the highlights and lowlights of surf in Goleta for the end of 2019.

  • Flat Out Gorgeous

    Tom shares photos of Goleta waves, or lack thereof, earlier this month.

  • The History of Vista del Mar School

    Driving up the coast on the northbound 101, just before the massive Mariposa Reina oil facility, this old Spanish style building sits.

  • The History of the Goleta Train Depot

    The iconic Goleta Train Depot reminds us of a simpler time when Goleta was just a small farm town.

  • Summer in the Back Country

    Tom shares photos of summer fun at Red Rock's swimming holes.

  • The History of Kate Bell's Cactus

    Tom explores the history of Kate Bell's nearly 100-year-old cactus patch underneath the Sandpiper Golf Course a new video.

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