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  • Daniel Hill: The Man Who Named Goleta

    Daniel Hill was one of the biggest American influences on Santa Barbara and Goleta. He was an industrious craftsman that, among other things, changed the way houses were built in this sleepy little pueblo.

  • Watching an Octopus Hunt

    Tom shares stunning photos of an octopus hunting in a Central Coast tidepool.

  • The Sub Commander and the Cactus Myth, Debunked

    Tom debunks a local myth regarding the attack on Ellwood by a Japanese submarine in 1942.

  • Perfect Wavestorm

    January brought a lot of waves to Goleta, greeted by a record number of surfers, but the locals always find a way to get some surf to themselves.

  • Goleta History Video: Bishop Ranch

    The last large open space in Goleta, the parcel now known as Bishop Ranch has been the object of man's desire throughout Goleta's history. And it still is today!

  • San Marcos Dairy

    Tom details the history of the San Marcos Dairy in Goleta from the 1930s.

  • So Long 2020

    We got waves for the end of 2020, and they're still coming in.

  • Thanksgiving Surf

    Tom shares his thanks to the surf gods for waves a plenty during the holiday week.

  • Coal Oil Point, Campbell Ranch and Devereux School

    Devereux Point, also known as Coal Oil Point, is a popular surf spot and a great place for a nice walk on the beach. But, like most places in Goleta, there’s a lot of interesting history here.

  • James Powell

    The mid-1960s to the early 1970s may have been the Golden Years of surfing in Goleta.

  • Bacara Pollution

    Tom takes photos of pollution and debris surrounding the Bacara Resort near Haskell's Beach.

  • Fairview Avenue

    Fairview Avenue is one of Goleta’s main thoroughfares today. But who knew it’s also one of the oldest routes in Goleta?

  • No Mask Required (Part 2)

    In No Mask Required Part 2, we head to the backcountry for one last fling before the creeks dried up for summer.

  • No Mask Required (Part 1)

    Take your mask off your face and your mind off the latest case count, and enjoy some photos of outdoor activities.

  • The History of the Gaviota Pass

    The latest Goleta History video series focuses on that little crack in the mountains we all pass through, the Gaviota Pass. 

  • Goleta's Prisoner of War Camp

    Tom shares a historical video about the prisoner of war camp that used to be located in western Goleta.

  • Green Window

    When the hills are great and the creeks are running, the ocean has to take the back seat.

  • Who Was Hollister?

    Goleta History compiled a fascinating video on the background of Hollister Avenue and its namesake's Goleta roots.

  • Harry Graham Goes Fishing

    Tom stumbled on a great collection of historic photos of a local fisherman that passed away.

  • La Goleta and Shoreline Railroad

    A steam locomotive in a sugar shaker factory and vintage sports cars all under one roof, thanks to one creative family in the heart of Goleta.

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