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  • The Main-Begg Farmhouse

    Thanks to our agricultural past, Goleta has lots of beautiful old farmhouses hidden away in little nooks and crannies.

  • OP-ED: Speak Up on Hollister Ave Road Changes

    Tom encourages the community to write to the Goleta City Council today before they vote on changing the structure of Hollister Ave in Old Town Goleta.

  • Helen Grace Barnet Modugno’s 100th birthday

    Helen Grace Barnet Modugno turned 100 years old and received a proclamation from the Mayor of Goleta.

  • Op-Ed: Hollister Ave Narrowing Again

    A reader shares their opinion on Goleta's plan to narrow Hollister Ave in Old Town Goleta.

  • The Don of Dos Pueblos

    No Goleta history would be complete without the story of Nicolas Den, the don of Dos Pueblos, and his positive influence on the whole county

  • Goleta Hangars to Museums?

    Tom Modugno reports an effort to make two original airplane hangars in Goleta an aviation museum.

  • Improvement Consequences in Old Town Goleta

    A Goleta business owner pens an open letter to the Goleta City Council regarding the consequences of renovating Old Town Goleta.

  • Tecolote Canyon

    At the far west end of Goleta the Tecolote Canyon winds down from the uppermost reaches of the Santa Ynez mountains.

  • The Telephone Station

    Tom has been driving past this little old building his whole life, so he finally decided it was time to get acquainted. 

  • Incoming Storm

    Tom shares a photo of the approaching storm from the past few days.

  • Low Flying Buzz

    Tom captures a photo of a low flying plane at the beach. 

  • Saviors of Goleta History

    Tom features some local folks that have gone above and beyond their normal call of duty to save historic Goleta properties.

  • Goleta Waterfalls

    Tom captures photos of the beautiful yet brief waterfalls in Goleta.

  • The Ellwood Queen

    A Santa Ana developer is buying Ellwood Cooper's old farm in Goleta and has plans to develop where historic buildings and a Champion Tree are not legally protected from demolition.

  • Crowds Show Up for Goleta Holiday Parade

    Old Town Goleta was the place to be Saturday night for the 3rd Goleta Holiday Parade. 

  • The Goleta Slough

    The Goleta slough as we know it today is a narrow, semi stagnant waterway that winds through the large marsh beside the airport.

  • How Turnpike Got Its Name

    Growing up in Goleta, Turnpike had one meaning; it was the next big street after Patterson, but there's a bigger story behind it.

  • Two Hangars

    You may already know about two historic Goleta hangars, but lately, a couple of different groups have begun to organize plans to try to save them.

  • Barnsdall Models

    Everybody knows and loves this beautiful old building. We have for decades. And we are all waiting patiently for the city to save it.

  • Daniel Hill: The Man Who Named Goleta

    Daniel Hill was one of the biggest American influences on Santa Barbara and Goleta. He was an industrious craftsman that, among other things, changed the way houses were built in this sleepy little pueblo.

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