Articles From : swarfmaster

  • Best Cakes in Town?

    A reader is wondering where others think the best cakes are sold in town.

  • Commercial Dry Cleaning

    Can readers recommend where one might get a few sleeping bags commercially cleaned?

  • Power Interruptions in Noleta

    A reader near Walnut and Hollister is having frequent power interruptions, anyone else?

  • Patterson Project?

    A reader wonders what kind of project is taking place adjacent to northbound Highway 101 near Patterson.

  • Slow Internet?

    An edhat reader wonders if anyone else has slow internet in the Hollister/Walnut area of Goleta

  • Decreased Internet Speeds?

    An edhat reader reports decreased internet speeds with Cox Communications and wonders if anyone else if having issues.

  • What's up at Hollister and Lassen?

    An edhat reader reports a police response near Hollister and Lassen, what's up?

  • Cox Communications Down?

    Is anyone else experiencing an outage with Cox Communications in Goleta?