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  • Clark Estate Event?

    Edhat readers report an event at the Clark Estate.

  • To Scold or Not to Scold?

    An edhat reader wonders whether they should say something to people flagrantly disregarding the physical distancing and mask-wearing mandate?

  • Helicopters Over SB?

    An edhat reader wonders what's up with all the helicopters traveling over Santa Barbara?

  • Romance is alive and well in S.B!

    A reader comes across a man leaving a trail of roses as he prepares to propose to his girlfriend.

  • Westside Election Forum 01 May - League of Women Voters

    Westside Election Forum 01 May - League of Women Voters

    There is a second candidate forum happening May 1 – sponsored by the League of Women Voters , who are known for their non- partisan promotion of informing voters and registering voters and promoting voting! But never endorsing or opposing a candidate or a political party.-
    Forum is in both Spanish and English on May 1, Tuesday at 6 pm at Harding School in the Auditorium. – Come decide who you will vote for and register to vote. YOU CAN’T VOTE…unless you are registered. Get informed on the 3rd district candidates AND register to vote.

  • Dell Tech Phone Scam

    An edhat reader warns others of a clever phone scam from Dell Technology/Customer Support.