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  • Memorial Day Weekend Highlights

    Memorial Day weekend was a bit different than usual this year, but things were also opened up more than they had been in recent weeks.

  • Knapp's Castle Under Reconstruction

    Robert traveled up to Knapp's Castle to look at some recent construction.

  • After Religion, Then What? Enlightenment Values

    Robert recaps the Humanist Society's latest virtual presentation and discussion.

  • Wind Surfers at Isla Vista Bluffs

    Robert was mesmerized by wind surfers off the coast of Isla Vista.

  • Fighter Jet Flyover Honors Frontline Workers

    [Update]: Edhat readers share photos and reports of the fighter jets that flew over town to honor frontline workers on Wednesday.

  • Gibraltar Rock Sierra Club Hike

    Robert shares photos from a Sierra Club hike to Gibraltar in January.

  • Cathedral Peak Back Way Trail Reopened

    Arlington Peak is one of the most visible rock formations in the Santa Barbara area, many people refer to this formation as "Cathedral Peak" because it looks a bit like an array of pipe organ pipes

  • Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Update

    Robert visited Grass Mountain and Figueroa Mountain to check out the local wildflowers.

  • Sen. Jackson Talks COVID-19 with Humanist Society

    The April Humanist Society meeting with Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson was held virtually to disucss the COVID-19 shutdown.

  • Earth Day 50th Anniversary

    Robert shares all the good humans have done to help the earth since the inception of Earth Day nearly 40 years ago.

  • American Moonshot: Douglas Brinkley at Arts and Lectures

    Robert shares an overview of Douglas Brinkley's lecture on "Presidential Leadership and Space Exploration" that took place in December.

  • Mission Ridge Sierra Club Hike

    Robert shares photos of a Sierra Club hike to Mission Ridge in February.

  • Solstice Art and Sullivan Goss Art at First Thursday

    Robert shares some highlights from downtown Santa Barbara's First Thursday event last month.

  • Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Update

    Figueroa Mountain is usually ablaze with poppies and other wildflowers at this time and we took a trip on Saturday.

  • International Women's Day Celebrations in Our Area

    Robert shares highlights from the International Women's Day Celebrations that took place earlier this month when it was a simpler time.

  • Romero to Buena Vista Hidden Benches Sierra Club Hike

    Robert shares photos from a pre-social distancing hike from Romero to Buena Vista Hidden Benches with the Sierra Club.

  • Humanist Society: Secular Rescue by Reborn Born-Again Hero

    Robert shares a review of the Humanist Society lecture titled "The Translations Project, Secular Rescue, and De-conversion from Evangelical Christianity."

  • Carpinteria Seal Pups and Salt Marsh Sierra Club Hike

    Robert took 21 people for a Sierra Club Hike to see the Carpinteria seals and salt marsh on Sunday.

  • Understanding the World of Viruses and Outbreaks

    Robert provides a recap of a UCSB Professor's lecture on world viruses and outbreaks.

  • Google Chief Economist Weighs Bots vs Tots

    "Google Chief Economist" is a title that gets attention as Hal Varian was the keynote speaker at a recent UCSB conference, "Mind and Machine Intelligence"

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