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  • Funk Zone Art Walk!

    The Funk Zone Second Friday Art Walk is drawing crowds as big or bigger than First Thursday!

  • Playground Sierra Club Hike!

    My Sierra Club Playground hike is always an unusual hike, but this time it was a bit more unusual than usual!

  • Día de los Muertos in Carpinteria

    Carpinteria artists once again hosted celebrations for Día de los Muertos... the Day of the Dead!

  • Lucidity Deja Vu Mini-Festival!

    Each spring, the Lucidity Festival offers a small taste of Burning Man in our own backyard at Live Oak Campground. We just had an extra mini-Lucidity festival called Deja Vu.

  • Thriller Performance at the Courthouse and Beyond!

    Worldwide, there were simultaneous Thriller performances at precisely  3:00 PM Saturday. Our local event filled the Courthouse Sunken Gardens with hundreds of performers and spectators!

  • Flores Peak Hike

    Robert Bernstein led a Sierra Club hike from Gibraltar Rock to Flores Peak.

  • Asian American Neighborhood Festival Recap

    Robert captured photos and video of the 8th annual Asian American Neighborhood Festival in Presidio Park.

  • Carpinteria Avocado Festival Doesn't Disappoint

    Robert shares photos from this past weekend's annual Avocado Festival in Carpinteria.

  • 52nd Annual Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow

    The Chumash tribe hosted their 52nd Annual Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow at the Live Oak Campground this past weekend.

  • Goleta Lemon Festival

    The Goleta Lemon Festival had a variety of fun activities in Girsh Park this year.

  • Lompoc Renaissance Faire!

    Lompoc hosted its first Renaissance Faire this past weekend in Ken Adam Park near Allan Hancock College.

  • Shasta Lake Caverns and Turtle Bay Post-Eclipse

    After experiencing the eclipse in Oregon, Robert made a point of relaxing at Shasta Lake on the way back.

  • Oregon Total Solar Eclipse Photos and Impressions

    Robert made the trek to Oregon to witness the total solar eclipse. 

  • Pacific Pride March and Rally

    Robert Bernstein shares photos from this weekend's Pacific Pride march, rally, and LGBTQ festival. 

  • Fiesta Opening Night Photos

    Fiesta opening night was full of energy as thousands packed the Mission Lawn and the Rose Garden to watch Fiesta Pequena!

  • Tangerine Falls/Lookout/Homestead Sierra Club Hike

    On Sunday Robert Bernstein led a Sierra Club hike in the area of Tangerine Falls off of the West Fork Cold Spring Trail.

  • Isla Vista Art

    Isla Vista may be a bit chaotic at times, but it allows for a wealth of public art!

  • Innovative Architecture at UCSB Art Museum

    Clocks and Clouds: The Architecture of Escher GuneWardena opened this weekend at the UCSB Art, Design and Architecture Museum.

  • Rocky Pine Ridge Sierra Club Hike

    Robert Bernstein took nine people on a Rocky Pine Ridge Sierra Club hike last Saturday, and came back with some great pictures.

  • Celebrating Unity at the Solstice Parade

    This year's Solstice Parade celebrated unity and togetherness in the most epic way possible.

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