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  • Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

    Last weekend was the 73rd annual Santa Barbara International Orchid Show at Earl Warren Showgrounds, one of the oldest and most prestigious orchid shows in the United States.

  • UCSB Middle East Ensemble Music and Dance

    The UCSB Middle East Ensemble offers a wonderful performance near the end of each UCSB quarter.

  • International Women's March in Santa Barbara

    The second annual Women's March was disrupted by the mudslides and was split in two. January 20 was the rally. But the police were tied up with the mudslides, so the march was delayed until March 10.

  • PuppetPalooza Grand Finale

    PuppetPalooza happened at many places at many times around Santa Barbara.

  • Israel-Palestine Project: Humanist Society February Talk

    The Humanist Society of Santa Barbara February talk covered the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

  • Sino West Chinese New Year

    Many cultures celebrate the Lunar New Year, but the Chinese version is perhaps the best known. Santa Barbara often has Chinese New Year events, but they are not always well publicized.

  • PuppetPalooza this Weekend!

    PuppetPalooza is presenting a wide range of puppet-related events happening here in Santa Barbara through this weekend!

  • Chicago Performs in Thousand Oaks

    The band Chicago has been performing for over fifty years. We were fortunate to have them in our area recently.

  • SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Video and Photos

    Robert shares his photos and videos of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

  • Enchanted Winter Village Faire

    The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara hosted an Enchanted Winter Village Faire fundraiser event this past Saturday.

  • Gaviota Caves Sierra Club Hike

    We had a big group of seventeen for our Sierra Club hike to the Gaviota Caves!

  • Lunar Eclipse Photos

    Robert captured photos of the early morning lunar eclipse.

  • Nuclear Disarmament: Humanist Society January Talk

    The Humanist Society of Santa Barbara opened the year with a talk by Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) Director of Peace Operations Rick Wayman.

  • Sierra Club Hike Before the Mudslide

    The Sierra Club completed a hike to Gibraltar Rock just a few days before the mudslide hit Montecito.

  • East Beach Grill's Final Weekend

    Robert details the events from East Beach Grill's final weekend on East Beach.

  • Hillside House Holiday Art

    Solstice Artist Pali-X had his "Giant Silver Comet" on display at the Hillside House Holiday Display!

  • Snow Leopard Festival at the Zoo

    Before the Thomas Fire broke out, there was the Snow Leopard Festival at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

  • Funk Zone Art Walk!

    The Funk Zone Second Friday Art Walk is drawing crowds as big or bigger than First Thursday!

  • Playground Sierra Club Hike!

    My Sierra Club Playground hike is always an unusual hike, but this time it was a bit more unusual than usual!

  • Día de los Muertos in Carpinteria

    Carpinteria artists once again hosted celebrations for Día de los Muertos... the Day of the Dead!

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