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  • Space and Wonder at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

    "The Observable Universe: Visualizing the Cosmos in Art" is a new exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art that featured artist Russell Crotty.

  • Space ROCKS! A Humanist Society Talk

    A Brief Tour of the Minor Bodies Cluttering Our Solar System was the latest Humanist Society talk given by Joey Chatelain, a postdoctoral researcher at Las Cumbres Observatory.

  • Teachers Helping Teachers with Evolution

    Teaching evolution was the latest hot topic at the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara.

  • Community Microgrids: Renewables-Driven Resilience

    Robert recaps a talk presented to the Science and Engineering Council of Santa Barbara on the subject of Community Microgrids as a way to promote sustainable energy and local energy resilience.

  • Hundreds Join Global Climate Strike Rally

    Hundreds gathered at De La Guerra Plaza on Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike protest.

  • Salt and Silver: Early Photography at SB Museum of Art

    Robert shares a recap of the "Salt & Silver: Early Photography 1840-1860" exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

  • Reflecting on the Conception Boat

    The Conception boat disaster has hit our community hard. So many lives lost at once and so many questions remain.

  • Pacific Pride Festival Highlights at Chase Palm Park

    Robert shares highlights of the Pacific Pride Festival at Chase Palm Park last weekend.

  • Butterflies, Prehistoric Forest and Strange Science at Natural History Museum

    Robert provides an in-depth look at Butterflies Alive and the Prehistoric Forest at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

  • Arroyo Hondo Preserve Hike

    Rober recently led the Sierra Club on a hike in the Arroyo Hondo Preserve.

  • Elevated Dreams Aerials at First Thursday at SBCAST

    Elevated Dreams Aerial performance group managed to shine through all the Fiesta buzz and confusion with a performance at SBCAST.

  • Blondie and Elvis Costello at the Bowl

    Robert saw Blondie and Elvis Costello rock out at the Santa Barbara Bowl

  • Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis

    Robert recaps a lecture by the founder of the Coalition Against Gun Violence at the Humanist Society.

  • Annual Fiesta Cruiser Ride Takes Over State Street

    The Fiesta Cruiser Bike ride is the biggest and longest-running bicycle event in Santa Barbara.

  • Rocky Pine Ridge Sierra Club Hike

    Robert shares the top photos from a Rocky Pine Ridge Sierra Club hike last weekend.

  • Humanist Society Meets American Atheists President

    Robert reports on a meeting with the Humanist Society and the President of American Atheists.

  • Romero Canyon Sierra Club Hike

    Robert led a happy group of ten hikers for the Romero Canyon Sierra Club loop hike on Sunday, July 14.

  • 31st Annual French Festival Highlights

    The Santa Barbara French Festival was back in a big way for its 31st anniversary.

  • Solstice Workshop Fun and Help Needed

    [Update]: The Solstice Workshop is now open and ready for YOUR participation at the corner of Ortega Street and Garden Street.

  • Why People Believe Weird Things: Michael Shermer

    Robert reviews a talk given by Michael Shermer called, "Why People Believe Weird Things" from May 19, 2019.

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