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  • Carpinteria Seal Pups and Salt Marsh Sierra Club Hike

    Robert took 21 people for a Sierra Club Hike to see the Carpinteria seals and salt marsh on Sunday.

  • Understanding the World of Viruses and Outbreaks

    Robert provides a recap of a UCSB Professor's lecture on world viruses and outbreaks.

  • Google Chief Economist Weighs Bots vs Tots

    "Google Chief Economist" is a title that gets attention as Hal Varian was the keynote speaker at a recent UCSB conference, "Mind and Machine Intelligence"

  • Indonesian Gamelan Comes to Goleta

    Gamelan Sinar Surya is a Santa Barbara-based music ensemble that has been performing Indonesian Gamelan music since 2002.

  • Sensorio Paso Robles Art on a Grand Scale

    Artist Bruce Munro transformed the rolling hills of Paso Robles with an array of 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics for "Field of Light at Sensorio".

  • Gaviota Caves Sierra Club Hike

    Robert had a record crowd of 34 people on the Sierra Club hike Sunday to the Gaviota Caves.

  • Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta

    Zeyn and Rhyan Shweyk are The Piano Boys. You may have seen them performing on State Street, at Camino Real Marketplace or during First Thursday.

  • Carpinteria Lunar New Year Celebration

    Many cultures celebrate the Lunar New Year, but the Chinese version is perhaps the best known. Santa Barbara often has Chinese New Year events, but they are not always well-publicized.

  • Self Driving Cars?

    Robert recaps a lecture on self-driving cars hosted by the Humanist Society.

  • Playground Sierra Club Hike Fun Draws Big Crowd

    Robert shares photos and highlights from a recent hike to "The Playground."

  • Martin Luther King Day Report

    Robert shares his report of the local Martin Luther King Jr. march and program at the Arlington Theatre.

  • Reopened/Restored Cold Spring Trail

    Robert hikes the re-opened Cold Springs Trail in Montecito.

  • Burning Man Exhibit and Other Bay Area Holiday Discoveries

    Robert shares highlights from travel to the Bay Area over the holidays.

  • Impeachment Rally at Santa Barbara Courthouse

    [Update]: Hundreds of residents gathered outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse on Tuesday evening to support the impeachment of Trump.

  • Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike

    Robert led a small group for his latest Flores Peak Sierra Club hike, but everyone was in a good mood and they took it at a leisurely pace.

  • Ready to Hang Pop Up Art Show

    "Ready to Hang" is the latest pop-up art show this season. At the Community Arts Workshop which is better known as "The Solstice Workshop" at the corner of Ortega Street and Garden Street.

  • This Old Body: Humanist Society Talk

    "This Old Body – And 99 Other Reasons to Laugh at Life." That was the title of the latest Humanist Society talk given by Barbara Greenleaf. It is also the title of her latest book.

  • Ashleigh Brilliant Book Signing

    Ashleigh Brilliant is one of our local treasures and he has given us his first new book in about twenty years.

  • La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts Grand Opening

    La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts opened in a grand way with a variety of performances.

  • Space and Wonder at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

    "The Observable Universe: Visualizing the Cosmos in Art" is a new exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art that featured artist Russell Crotty.

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