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  • Religion in a Pandemic: Humanist Society

    Robert details the latest Humanist Society lecture on the psychology of religion in a pandemic.

  • Humanist Society: How Does Innovation and Revolution Happen?

    Robert details a recent Humanist Society lecture on the cultural evolution of innovation and revolution.

  • New Year Outings

    Robert details two hikes in the New Year: UCSB North Campus Reserve and Inspiration Point.

  • Human Rights Day Celebration

    Robert details the December 10th celebration by the Humanist Society of Human Rights Day.

  • Self-Guided Holiday Lights Tour

    Robert follows the self-guided holiday lights tour for a festive evening of bright fun.

  • Ventura Holidays In Your Car Light Show

    Robert recaps a festive trip to Ventura for the Holidays in your Car Light Show.

  • You Didn't Create That: Humanist Society Talk

    "Cultural Evolution: The Darwinian Basis of Change and Innovation and Why it is Important" was the title of our latest Humanist Society of Santa Barbara talk.

  • Museum of Sensory and Movement Experiences

    Robert visited the new Museum of Sensory and Movement Experiences in the La Cumbre Plaza.

  • Halloween During COVID-19

    Robert shares what a Halloween in Santa Barbara is like during COVID-19.

  • Atheists, Believers and Everyone In Between

    Robert shares a recap of the Humanist Society's latest presentation on the spectrum of belief from non-believer to believer. 

  • Renter Protections On Ballot and More

    Robert shares some insight on Proposition 21 that's on the local ballot.

  • Climate Literacy Tool Kit: Humanist Society Talk

    "Climate Literacy Tool Kit" was the title of the latest Humanist Society of Santa Barbara presentation given by Caltech-trained physicist Mark Boslough.

  • Gopher Snake Near Sandpiper Golf Course

    Robert captured photos of a large gopher snake near the Sandpiper Golf Course.

  • Bruce Gleason Examines Woo in Humanist Society Lecture

    The latest Humanist Society virtual meeting featured Bruce Gleason's talk on all things magical, mystical, and totally useless.

  • Perseid Meteors

    On Tuesday night Robert headed up to Camino Cielo to watch the Perseid Meteors.

  • Beer Pong?

    Robert is fascinated by locals playing a game of beer pong, except, it isn't beer pong.

  • Humanist Society Lecture: Policing Reform?

    Robert shares a recap of a recent Humanist Society virtual lecture on policing reform.

  • Comet NEOWISE!

    Robert shares his experiencing photographing Comet Neowise this past weekend.

  • An Assault on Our Lives

    What would you call it if someone caused you to lose your home of 31 years through no fault of your own? If that person disrupted every aspect of your life and cost you large sums of money?

  • Painted Cave Fire 30th Anniversary

    Saturday marks the 30th anniversary of the Painted Cave Fire that destroyed 4,900 acres, 641 structures, and took one life.

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