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  • Tajiguas Landfill as an Environmental Leader

    Robert took a tour of the Tajiguas Landfill, which has been in the news this week after narrowly escaping the Alisal Fire.

  • Cave of Munits

    Robert took a trip to the Cave of Munits in the Hidden Hills area.

  • Circus Vargas

    Robert takes a trip to the circus and attended Circus Vargas at the Earl Warren Showgrounds this summer.

  • Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch

    For the first time, Robert checked out the pumpkin patch at Lane Farms in "Noleta."

  • Non-Ordinary Experiences of Non-Believers

    Dr. Ann Taves, professor emerita of Religious Studies at UCSB, gave a most Non-Ordinary talk to the Humanist Society called "Non-Ordinary Experiences of Non-Believers."

  • Gaviota Caves Sierra Club Hike

    The Sierra Club is slowly starting up again with local hikes and last Saturday they went to the Gaviota Wind Caves.

  • Art Series at SBCAST

    SBCAST is the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology, a gift to our community by local technology wizard Alan Macy.

  • Lambs and Landings at Parma Park

    Robert joined a hike at Parma Park and saw lambs and hang glider landings. 

  • Larry Elder Rally

    Larry Elder is running for governor as a possible replacement for Governor Newsom in the event that Newsom is recalled. He held a rally on Wednesday afternoon in the Courthouse Sunken Garden.

  • American Conspiracy Theories

    "American Conspiracy Theories" was the latest Humanist Society Talk, given by Joseph Uscinski.

  • Hula Anyone at ParadICE

    Hula Anyone gave a Hula dancing performance for the third anniversary of ParadICE Hawaiian Shave Ice in Paseo Nuevo on Sunday.

  • First Thursday is Back

    Robert reports the First Thursday Art Walk in Downtown Santa Barbara is back in full swing.

  • Climate Crisis: Direct Carbon Capture Solution

    The Science and Engineering Council of Santa Barbara recently hosted a talk on the urgency of the climate crisis.

  • Fire Rescue Training at the Isla Vista Bluffs

    Robert shares photos of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department's rescue training on the Isla Vista bluffs.

  • Humanist Society Lecture: Nuclear Power Pro and Con

    Robert details a lecture by Bruce Gleason on nuclear power hosted by the Humanist Society.

  • Woodies Car Show at the Beach

    The Woodies Car Show was back at the beach again on Saturday.

  • Los Angeles Hidden Adventures

    Robert took a mini-vacation to Los Angeles and explored Koreatown.

  • Gender: How Things Have Changed Since We Were Kids

    June is Pride Month so it was appropriate for the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara to have a talk on just what is meant by gender.

  • Solstice Blooming Gardens

    Santa Barbara Summer Solstice is happening in a virtual and in a real way for 2021. A Virtual Parade is being created and will be shown at the Arlington Theater at 10AM on June 26.

  • Humanist Global Charity: Doing Good Without God

    Robert details a Humanist Society lecture regarding humanitarian aid projects that help those in need without religious ties.

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