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  • Goats at Lizard's Mouth?

    Jeff and Jack are a pair of goats who live with their humans near Lizard's Mouth.

  • Sierra Club Playground Hike

    Many Sierra Club hikes are being canceled now due to the surge in COVID cases, but Rober shares photos from a hike at The Playground in November.

  • Vigil: Anniversary of January 6 Attack on US Capitol

    Robert shares photos and video from the January 6 vigil at the Santa Barbara Courthouse "Our Democracy – Our Commitment".

  • Blissful Boutiques Pop Up Holiday Market

    Paseo Nuevo has a new pop-up holiday market thanks to energetic entrepreneur Lisa Green.

  • Tangerine Falls Overlook and Beyond

    Last Saturday Robert led a Sierra Club hike to the Overlook above Tangerine Falls and beyond.

  • Holiday Boat Parade of Lights

    The Holiday Boat Parade of Lights was a big hit Sunday night down at Stearn's Wharf!

  • Baby Animals and More at the Zoo

    Robert visited the Santa Barbara Zoo to see all the baby animals.

  • Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts Ojai Event

    Robert visits for the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai.

  • San Marcos Foothills New West Mesa Hike

    The Sierra Club held a Friday morning hike at the newly saved San Marcos Foothills.

  • Rocky Pine Ridge in Dramatic Fog

    Rocky Pine Ridge is one of Robert's favorite places to bring visitors who are up for a hike that does not involve a lot of elevation gain.

  • Asian American Festival and First Thursday

    Robert details the last First Thursday event that included the Asian American Festival.

  • La Boheme Dancers and State Street Halloween

    La Boheme Dance Group kicked off Halloween events on State Street starting on Saturday afternoon.

  • Fridays for the Future Global Halloween Climate March

    Fridays for the Future climate marches are happening all over the world to raise awareness of the crisis we are facing.

  • Can Science and Math Fix Democracy?

    "Narcissism Broke Our Democracy. Can Science and Math Fix It?" This talk by Dr. John Wathey was the latest presentation at the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara.

  • Montecito Motor Classic Car Show

    Robert went to the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club to check out the Montecito Motor Classic Car Show.

  • Tajiguas Landfill as an Environmental Leader

    Robert took a tour of the Tajiguas Landfill, which has been in the news this week after narrowly escaping the Alisal Fire.

  • Cave of Munits

    Robert took a trip to the Cave of Munits in the Hidden Hills area.

  • Circus Vargas

    Robert takes a trip to the circus and attended Circus Vargas at the Earl Warren Showgrounds this summer.

  • Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch

    For the first time, Robert checked out the pumpkin patch at Lane Farms in "Noleta."

  • Non-Ordinary Experiences of Non-Believers

    Dr. Ann Taves, professor emerita of Religious Studies at UCSB, gave a most Non-Ordinary talk to the Humanist Society called "Non-Ordinary Experiences of Non-Believers."

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