Articles From : mtndriver

  • Tiny Bugs Dropping from Ceiling?

    An edhat reader is curious if anyone knows what these tiny bugs are that are falling from the ceiling?

  • Email Security Issue from Cox?

    Did anyone else receive an email from Cox cable stating there is a security issue or possible malware?

  • Stolen Mail

    An edhat reader reports stolen mail and packages on Mountain Drive.

  • Cox Email Not Working?

    Is anyone else having issued with their Cox email not working?

  • Getting Rid of Ants?

    An edhat reader is having trouble getting rid of persistent ants, any tips?

  • Helicopter Over the Riviera

    Edhat readers report a helicopter with a cable over Las Tunas Road, does anyone know why?

  • Insight Meditation public talk and retreat with Howard Cohn

    Insight Meditation public talk and retreat with Howard Cohn

    The Open Door Sangha is hosting a non-residential weekend meditation retreat with Howard Cohn, Buddhist Insight Meditation teacher from the Bay Area. Howie's teaching is down to earth and rich with poetry and stories from his own life. He's approachable and presents the dharma in a way that is accessible to all. This is the ninth year we have invited him to spend a weekend here, and each year is richer than the previous. All are welcome. The retreat will consist of traditional sitting and walking meditation periods, dharma talks, and question and answer sessions.