Articles From : ljmdance

  • Red Sky?

    What's up with the orange sky, is there a fire?

  • Power Outage off El Sueno?

    Does anybody have any information about the power outage in the El Sueno area?

  • Fire in Isla Vista?

    An edhat reader smells smoke and wonders if there's a fire in Isla Vista.

  • Bird ID?

    Can edhat readers identify this large black and white bird?

  • Sirens on Highway 101?

    An edhat reader reports numerous sirens on Highway 101 near Highway 154 around 4:45 p.m. Saturday. What's up?

  • Highway 101 Backed Up?

    An edhatter reports Highway 101 southbound is backed up to El Sueno, what's up?

  • Vigils for the Pittsburgh Tragedy?

    Are there any vigils planned for the victims of the Pittsburgh massacre?

  • Help! Insect Invasion

    Can edhat readers identify this insect that swarmed my front door?

  • AT&T Outage in Noleta?

    Is anyone else having issues with their AT&T cell phone service in Noleta?

  • Sirens Near 101 & 154

    What's up with all the sires near Highway 101 and 154 around 8pm on Tuesday?