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  • Students Protest Racism While Pledge of Allegiance Gains Attention at SBCC Board Meeting

    Santa Barbara City College students led a powerful protest during a Board of Trustees meeting last week, while the Pledge of Allegiance became a National talking point.

  • New Year's Resolutions Poll

    What are your resolutions for 2019? Take our edhat poll.

  • Local Musician Discusses Release of New Album

    Local musician Conner Cherland is preparing for the release of his new album and sat down with edhat to chat music, love, and weird dreams.

  • The Laying Down of Blankets: Where Santa Barbara Civility Goes to Die

    Concerts in the Park is a summer staple in Santa Barbara, but reserving blanket space feels like running with the bulls.

  • Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network Barely Missed Holiday Fire Destruction

    The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network just barely missed being destroyed by the Holiday Fire in Goleta, but now they need help.

  • Sen. Jackson and Dr. Hutchinson Receive Women of Achievement Awards

    The 11th Annual Women of Achievement Awards honored Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Dr. Carrie Hutchinson as “Courageous Communicators” through their work addressing issues of social justice.

  • Restaurant Review: Mosto Crudo

    Mosto Crudo offers fresh local tapas with Spanish and Italian influences that brings a whole new dining experience to downtown Santa Barbara.

  • May the 4th Be With You on Star Wars Day

    It's Friday, May 4th and you know what that means... "use the (fourth) force Luke." Happy Star Wars Day.

  • Kelsea Ballerini Charmed Crowds at the Arlington

    Rising Country music star Kelsea Ballerini performed to a nearly sold-out crowd at the Arlington Theater on Wednesday evening. 

  • Local Musician Hopes to Win Big in Online Competition

    Local musician Conner Cherland is a finalist in an online national music competition with a grand prize of $50,000, and every vote counts.

  • Santa Barbara's Sister City: Dingle, Ireland

    To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Lauren provides an in-depth tour of Dingle, Ireland, Santa Barbara's Sister City.

  • The Santa Barbara Music Scene You Haven’t Heard of Yet

    Sofar Sounds is Santa Barbara's newest music scene with a unique platform, and you're most likely missing out on it.

  • The State of Edhat: A Letter from the Publisher

    Edhat needs your support! Read the latest updates to edhat from its new publisher.

  • Grand Opening of Pacific Pride Foundation

    Pacific Pride Foundation held a grand opening of their new space on Anacapa Street with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday.

  • Santa Barbara Rallies Against Hate

    Community leaders and activists joined together on Thursday to rally against hate after an altercation resulted in hateful homophobic language.

  • Goleta Water May Contain Unsafe Chemical Levels

    After conducting an independent water analysis, a Goleta woman is claiming local tap water is causing skin irritation with abnormally high levels of a chemical used to treat drinking water.

  • Gelb Charged with Disturbing the Peace

    Santa Barbara County District Attorney has filed a criminal complaint against James Gelb for disturbing the peace in relation to an altercation on State Street last week.

  • Samantha Bee Brings Crowds to the Arlington

    In spite of some eyebrow-raising questions, late night talk-show comedian Samantha Bee charmed the audience at the Arlington Theatre on Thursday. 

  • Jalama County Park to Expand by 36 Acres

    The California Coastal Commission will return 36 acres of century-old private ranchland in the Jalama area to Santa Barbara County.

  • Landlord Verbally Assaults Isla Vista Official on State Street

    [Update]: Isla Vista landlord James Gelb verbally assaulted Isla Vista Community Service Director Board President Ethan Bertrand with homophobic hate speech on State Street.

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