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  • Lack of Fire Training and Lithium-Ion Batteries Highlighted in Conception Boat Fire Report

    A collection of documents released by the National Transportation Safety Board points out lithium-ion batteries and a lack of fire training on the Conception boat fire that killed 34 people.

  • Two New Restaurants Prep for Santa Barbara Harbor Openings

    Two new restaurants, "SALTY at the Beach" and "CHOMP on the Rocks," plan to open soon at the Santa Barbara Harbor.

  • Spa Escape Offers Safe Outdoor Relaxation & Pampering

    The beauty industry is arguably one of the hardest-hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, but one local spa owner is pivoting to offer safe relaxation and pampering when we need it most.

  • New Pizza Shop Opening on the Westside

    A new pizza shop is planning to open on the Santa Barbara westside in a few weeks.

  • Santa Barbara City Council Restructures Budget for Social Services

    The Santa Barbara City Council voted unanimously to restructure its budget for the next fiscal year that includes removing $2 million for the new police station.

  • Supervisors to Review Alternative Incarceration Options Following Racial Inequity Hearing

    The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors held a hearing on racial equity and the county's criminal justice system on Wednesday due to protests and discussions supported by local residents.

  • Santa Barbara City Council Moves Forward with Black Lives Matter Demands

    The Santa Barbara City Council unanimously decided to take steps to meet the demands set forth by the local Black Lives Matter chapter after hearing over three hours of public comment.

  • High School Students Organize Rally Against Police Brutality and Racial Injustice

    Local high school students organized a rally and march against police brutality with thousands of attendees to deliver a set of demands to the Santa Barbara Unified School District

  • Sambo's Restaurant Plans to Rebrand Amid Calls for Boycott

    [Update]: Local restaurant Sambo's plans to change its name and rebrand following calls to boycott for its racist name.

  • Community Takes Mayor Murillo to Task for Inaction During Sunday's Protest

    Nearly sixty community members held Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo accountable during public comment Tuesday for her refusal to kneel with protestors and listen to Black Lives Matter activists ar a recent protest.

  • Local Communities Join Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality

    Local protestors joined the nationwide movement to protest police brutality and injustice at the Santa Barbara Courthouse on Sunday afternoon.

  • Officials Discuss Cost and Timeline of Reopening Businesses

    Santa Barbara County Supervisor Gregg Hart discussed the financial constraints of reopening businesses on Governor Newsom's framework.

  • UC System Directs Staff to Stop Donating Medical Supplies to Hospitals

    The University of California sent out a mass email last week directing university staff to stop donating medical supplies to local hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Film Review: Bastard's Road

    Bastard's Road follows a 6,000-mile walking journey of a Marine veteran looking to make sense of war and to reconnect with his Marine brothers and families of those who didn't make it home.

  • Film Review: The Night

    The Night is an intense thriller focused on secrets and lies with supernatural spookiness that will make you leave the lights on at night.

  • Short Reviews of Short Films

    The edhat staff reviewed a variety of short films at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and provided some short reviews.

  • Film Review: That Click

    That Click is a documentary following the life and work of iconic photographer Douglas Kirkland who captured photos of famous stars from Marilyn Monroe to Nicole Kidman.

  • Screenwriters Charm Crowds at SBIFF

    It was another packed event at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as crowds piled into the Lobero Theatre Saturday for the Screenwriter's Panel.

  • Level Up Fitness at Variant Training Lab

    Lauren gets ready to reach her fitness goals in the New Year and tests out Variant Training Lab.

  • Film Review: Faith Based

    It's not every day an indie film that hasn't been released yet gets snared in the crosshairs of Fox News and Breitbart, it's more like every other day.

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