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  • Historical Mission Party Brought to Life

    Joe is back with another colorized historical photo, this one of some type of party at Old Mission Santa Barbara.

  • ISS Passing on Saturday

    Joe shares a photo of the International Space Station over the La Cumbre neighborhood on Saturday.

  • Mission Reflections

    Joe shares another colorized photo of the Mission from the 1800s.

  • Driving Around Town

    Joe is enjoying all the cars Santa Barbara has to offer and shares the most interesting ones he sees.

  • Colorized 1903 Stereograph of the Mission

    Joe shares a 1900s colorized photo of Old Mission Santa Barbara.

  • Colorized Mission from the Riviera

    Joe shares another colorized historical photo of the Old Mission as seen from the Riviera.

  • What If... Jeff Shelton Re-Did the Mission?

    Reader Joe found old photos of the earthquake damaged Mission and wondered, what if Jeff Shelton was in charge of the re-design?

  • Colorizing Historical Images

    Joe shares more historical images with a splash of color.

  • Above the Cloud

    Joe shares a photo of a lone cloud over the Riviera.

  • Bad Moon Rising

    Readers share photos of the rising moon.

  • Stars Over the Riviera

    Joe shares a photo of stars we don't often see when looking up.

  • Colorized 1890 Mission Photo

    Joe shares another colorized historical photo of Old Mission Santa Barbara

  • Colorized Mission

    Reader Joe shares a colorized photo of Old Mission Santa Barbara from the 1890s.

  • Santa Barbara Bowl Under the Moonlight

    Edhat readers share photos of the Santa Barbara Bowl under the moonlight.

  • An Early Wet Wednesday

    Reader Joe colorized a historic Santa Barbara photo of harbor sailboats.

  • Mercado del Norte Fun

    Joe captures photos of the all the fun at Mercado del Norte.

  • Fiesta from a Newcomer

    Joe shares photos of Fiesta through the eyes of a newcomer.

  • UCSB Graduation Prep

    Joe shares photos of UC Santa Barbara preparing for graduation weekend.

  • Open Console Day at the Arlington Theatre

    An edhat reader visited the Arlington Theatre and listed to the organ music.

  • Earth Day Recap Celebration at the Arlington Theater

    [Update]: The Community Environmental Council hosted another successful Earth Day celebration, this year at the Arlington Theatre.

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