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  • Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

    Heal the Ocean led a coordinated massive cleanup of an abandoned homeless encampment in the Los Padre National Forest.

  • Heal the Ocean Continues Summerland Oil Monitoring

    Heal The Ocean continues Summerland Oil Monitoring to Guide Next Steps for Cleanup

  • Celebrate World Oceans Day

    World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8 every year across the globe, and the theme this year is Revitalization: Collective Action of the Ocean.

  • Heal the Ocean Remembers Bill Poehler

    Heal the Ocean remembers local resident Bill Poehler who died in a bicycle accident this week. 

  • Heal the Ocean Convenes Boat Wreckage Task Force

    Heal the Ocean has convened its task force to solve the problem of boats wrecking on Santa Barbara beaches.

  • Duquesne is Done!

    Duquesne, the Summerland Beach oil well that has been tackled by the State Lands Commission this past week is done!

  • Heal the Ocean Hires Earthcomb to Initiate Homeless Job Program

    Heal the Ocean has hired Earthcomb to initiate a homeless job program to clean abandoned homeless camps throughout the county.

  • Giant Abandoned Homeless Camp on S. Fairview Removed

    This weekend Andrew V., aka "Mr. Vroom Vroom," quickly cleaned up a huge homeless camp that spread widely into the S. Fairview area.

  • Heal the Ocean Provides Survey to Help with Homeless Crisis

    Heal the Ocean recently submitted survey findings on homeless encampments to the City of Santa Barbara.

  • Oil Well Capping and Rincon Island Cleanup

    Heal the Ocean shares an update on the Oil Well Capping in Summerland and the cleanup of Rincon Island.

  • Abandoned Homeless Camp Removed From Haskell’s Beach

    Heal the Ocean reports a large abandoned homeless camp was recently cleaned from Haskell's Beach.

  • Another Summerland Well to be Capped

    In two weeks, Summerland’s Lookout Park and the beach below will be the staging area for heavy oil construction equipment to be used in capping Olsson 805, a beach well located on the west end of Summerland Beach.

  • Heal the Ocean Tackles That Boat on the Beach

    Heal the Ocean rallied forces to remove a trawler boat that became beached off the Montecito coast.

  • Two More Summerland Oil Wells to Be Capped

    Heal the Ocean has received the exciting news that the State Lands Commission will cap two more wells on Summerland Beach later this year, during the last half of 2021!

  • Abandoned Homeless Beach Camp Cleaned Before High Tide

    Heal the Ocean organized the cleanup of an abandoned homeless camp on East Beach before the high tide pulled it out into the ocean.

  • Leaky Summerland Oil Wells Are Now Capped

    Heal the Ocean announces the leaky oil wells off the coast of Summerland are officially capped.

  • Summerland Oil Cleanup Begins

    A commercial dive boat has arrived to cap two of the worst leaking oil wells off Summerland Beach.

  • Heal the Ocean Imaginary Gala 2020

    Heal the Ocean Imaginary Gala 2020



    Heal the Ocean's Fantasy Chair Julia Louis-Dreyfus invites you to the Heal the Ocean Imaginary Gala 2020. It is guaranteed to be the "best party you never went to!" 

    Heal the Ocean inaugurated the Imaginary Event in 2011, and it instantly sold out. We’re glad to bring our Imaginary Gala to GoFundMe because it is a benefit that everyone can participate in and that includes you!

  • HTO Elects Tom White to its Board of Directors

    HTO Elects Tom White to its Board of Directors

    Source: Heal the Ocean Tom White This special bulletin is to announce that on Thursday, September 24, 2020, Heal the Ocean has elected Tom White to its Board of Directors.
  • Permit Review of Summerland Oil Capping Scheduled for Friday

    The California Coastal Commission will consider the permit for the capping of the next set of leaking Summerland oil wells on Friday, September 11, 2020.