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  • Lunchtime Suggestions

    A reader wonders, where can one find a "reasonably" priced lunch in town?

  • Boston Cream Pie?

    What bakery serves Boston Cream Pie in town?

  • What has improved?

    A reader wonders what edhatters think has improved in the Santa Barbara area over the past dozen years.

  • Favorite Desserts in Town?

    A reader has a sweet tooth and is wondering what edhatter's favorite desserts are in town.

  • First or Most Memorable Santa Barbara Bowl Concert?

    With the Santa Barbara Bowl season gearing up, an edhat reader wants to know what your first or most memorable show experience was.

  • Rite Aid on State Street Closes

    An edhat reader reports the Rite Aid on State Street has closed.

  • Bank of America Break-in?

    A reader reports a possible break-in at a Bank of America location

  • Restaurant Wars: Santa Barbara vs Monterey

    An edhatter wonders if readers feel the restaurants are better in Monterey or Santa Barbara.

  • Your Part of Town

    An edhat reader wonders what Santa Barbara locals know about their part of town that other locals might not.

  • Old Santa Barbara High Yearbooks

    An edhat reader is wondering where they can donate Santa Barbara High School yearbooks from 1916 and 1918.

  • Old Gas Station?

    Does anyone know the history of this structure on lower De La Vina Street?

  • Owl Housing Suggestions?

    Do Edhat readers have information about attracting owls to an owl house? 

  • Sourdough or French Bread Referral

    Do edhat readers have a referral for thick crust, chewy Sourdough or French bread?

  • Flashback to Judy Garland in Santa Barbara

    An edhat reader shares a video of Judy Garland singing La Cucaracha during Fiesta in Santa Barbara.

  • Graduation Gratitude

    What teacher or school employee in your Santa Barbara education experience from pre-school to grad school do you especially remember with gratitude?

  • Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden History

    An edhat reader remembers what used to be near the Alice Keck Memorial Gardens, what do other readers remember?

  • How to Save Money in Santa Barbara

    An edhat reader wonders what others do to try to save money while living in Santa Barbara.

  • Fox on the Arlington Steeple?

    Was it my imagination or did many years ago the Arlington Theater have the letters “FOX” on the steeple?

  • Roller Skating Rink on West Cota?

    Do edhat readers remember the roller skating rink that used to be on W. Cota?

  • What Would you Miss About Santa Barbara?

    An edhat reader wonders what events or places would you miss from Santa Barbara if you moved away?

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