Articles From : greg

  • Flashback to Judy Garland in Santa Barbara

    An edhat reader shares a video of Judy Garland singing La Cucaracha during Fiesta in Santa Barbara.

  • Graduation Gratitude

    What teacher or school employee in your Santa Barbara education experience from pre-school to grad school do you especially remember with gratitude?

  • Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden History

    An edhat reader remembers what used to be near the Alice Keck Memorial Gardens, what do other readers remember?

  • How to Save Money in Santa Barbara

    An edhat reader wonders what others do to try to save money while living in Santa Barbara.

  • Fox on the Arlington Steeple?

    Was it my imagination or did many years ago the Arlington Theater have the letters “FOX” on the steeple?

  • Roller Skating Rink on West Cota?

    Do edhat readers remember the roller skating rink that used to be on W. Cota?

  • What Would you Miss About Santa Barbara?

    An edhat reader wonders what events or places would you miss from Santa Barbara if you moved away?

  • Rent Control Concerns?

    An Edhat reader has a question about rent control within the Santa Barbara city limits.

  • A Flock of Green Parrots Have Been Spotted

    An Edhat reader reports seeing 40 green parrots in the sky at sunset.