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  • Way Back When: Patriotic Song

    During World War I, a local man wrote the lyrics to a patriotic song titled, "Uncle Sam is a Grand Old Man." 

  • Way Back When: Car Cranks

    Herbert Earlscliffe of Montecito was cranking the starter on his car in 1914 when something went horribly wrong and he ended up with a broken arm.

  • Way Back When: An Artist & Photographer of Nature

    A mention of a Santa Barbara landscape artist named Oscar Reagan Coast in a 1917 art magazine caught my eye.

  • Way Back When: Jitneys & Uber, Been There Done That

    We didn’t have the app-based taxi company called Uber back in Santa Barbara in 1915, but we did have a similar alternative transport system called the jitney.

  • Way Back When: Landscape Artist Lands in Santa Barbara

    Over 100 years ago a famous landscape painter settled in Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: The First Fast-Food Restaurant in SB?

    The big news on the restaurant scene here in January 1916 was the world premiere of the newly invented “Abadie Cuisine Roulante.”

  • Way Back When: Women on the Grand Jury for the First Time

    In January of 1919, Santa Barbara County selected women for their grand jury for the first time in history.

  • Way Back When: Dirty Dancing in January 1914

    In 1914, the tango was all the rage that it even offended the pope.

  • WAY BACK WHEN: Danish Hamlet Stalks Through Santa Barbara

    An actual Great Dane named Hamlet enamored locals 100 years ago.

  • State Street Building Turns 100

    Betsy finds a building on State Street that's over 100 years old.

  • Way Back When: Liking the Look of Leather

    Suddenly, leather was in fashion on the streets of Santa Barbara in December 1919.

  • Way Back When: Fatal Shootout at the SB Post Office

    In December 1919, a shootout with a fugitive took place at the Santa Barbara Police Office.

  • Way Back When: Her War Work Was Not Done Yet

    The fighting in Europe was over, but the work of caring for the wounded and helping the people recover from the long years of conflict continued.

  • Five Things to be Thankful For

    Betsy shares 5 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving compared to 100 years ago in Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: Island Winery Closing Down

    Did you know there were wineries on Santa Cruz Island over 100 years ago?

  • Way Back When: High Hopes for a High Flier

    Nineteen-nineteen was the year of the airplane in Santa Barbara. But perhaps some expectations were just a bit too high.

  • Book Signing for Betsy J. Green's Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 2019

    Book Signing for Betsy J. Green's Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 2019



    Wednesday, November 20th at 7:00 pm

    Location: Chaucer's Books

    Chaucer's is looking forward to spend a very entertaining evening with Betsy J. Green, author of the popular Way Back When series that chronicles life in Santa Barbara looking back one hundred years. Santa Barbara in 1919 is book number six in this fascinating series.

  • Way Back When: Another Adobe is Repurposed

    100 years ago the Gaspar Oreña adobe at 27 East De la Guerra was renovated from a home to a studio and office building.

  • Way Back When: No Spooks on the Streets

    Halloween was celebrated quietly in 1919 – the first Halloween after the war in Europe had ended.

  • Way Back When: The Boy Scouts Arrive in Santa Barbara

    100 years ago this month, the area's first Boy Scouts of America group was organized in Santa Barbara.

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