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  • Way Back When: WWI Tank on State Street

    On April 6, 1918, the first anniversary of the U.S. declaration of war on Germany, Santa Barbara held a 90-minute parade.

  • Way Back When: Squirrel Love

    Although ground squirrels were never popular, tree squirrels  were considered  cute 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: A Need for Laughter

    There was a big show at the Potter Theatre on State Street in April 1918 that was a benefit for the Red Cross and featured a well-known clown.

  • Way Back When: Anti-German Sentiments During WWI

    Negative feelings about Germany were strong in 1918 during World War I.

  • Way Back When: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the F-1

    After months of watching the Lockheed plane’s construction, the people of Santa Barbara were finally able to watch its first flight.


    At the foot of Ortega Hill in March 1918, Mr. F.W. Myers stepped outside to look at a rainstorm and was pelted with a live fish.

  • Way Back When: Nostalgia for Governess Carts

    An editorial in the local paper in March 1918 was inspired by the sight of something called a “governess cart” on a side street in Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: Keeping it Local

    In 2018, the stores in Santa Barbara are feeling the pain of competing with online shopping, but back in March 1918, storekeepers here faced a different challenge: catalog shopping.

  • Way Back When: 16 Candles and a Packard

    What 16-year-old wouldn’t want a cool set of wheels -- in her favorite color (peacock blue) -- for her birthday?

  • Way Back When in February 1918

    The local papers were full of news about noisy motorcycles, fireworks in Chinatown, kids knitting in schools, a much-needed rainstorm, and the 41st messiah came to Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When in January 1918

    Happy New Year to all my Edhat readers! Every month I peruse the local newspapers of 100 years ago to bring you the most interesting stories about everyday life in our area.

  • Winter Solstice at Mission Church

    Betsy Green attended the Winter Solstice event at the Santa Barbara Mission with Father Larry.

  • Way Back When in December 1917

    Several local songwriters were in the news this month. Some serious racing horses arrived here, there was major mourning as doughnuts were taken off the local menus, and an enemy spy was uncovered right here in our fair city!

  • Way Back When in November 1917

    Our local boys who volunteered to fight in "The Grizzlies" came back for a visit, we learned why we were blacklisted by Ringling Brothers Circus, the first "Bicycle Day" was held here, and Ojai went up in flames -- again. Here’s the history of Santa Barbara -- one month at a time!

  • Fuzzy Fungus

    Can edhatters identify this fuzzy fungus?

  • Way Back When in October 1917

    How bad can a dead whale smell? Fortunately, the decaying mammal turned up at about the same time that some 20,000 flowers were blooming at the Recreation Center on Carrillo. War talk was “in,” and a local pacifist was booted out.

  • Way Back When in September 1917

    A "scissors artist" came to town this month, a man-eating shark shook things up at Stearns Wharf, a SB native played in the World Series, and someone wanted to put a resort hotel on Hope Ranch.

  • Way Back When in August 1917

    Another notable building was added to the streetscape in Santa Barbara on the opening day at the new Central Library. Alligators, cucumbers, and ladybugs also made news. And Hollywood stars Pickford and Fairbanks stopped by for a working visit.

  • Way Back When in July 1917

    The "Flying A" film folks were celebrating their 5th anniversary, the "wild man" on Santa Cruz Island finally decided to get civilized after 10 years, and, would you believe it, someone wanted to turn the Lobero Theatre into a garage!

  • Way Back When in June 1917

    In the midst of a record-breaking heat wave, a ferocious forest fire raced through Ojai, and Carp was scorched as well. Cowboy artist Ed Borein had his first big success in New York City. Scantily clad mermaids swarmed over Santa Cruz Island, and two large ships collided off Anacapa Island.

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