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  • How Are Pets Coping with the Storm?

    How are everyone else's pets coping with the storm? My cat is freaked out.

  • Way Back When: Countdown to Prohibition Begins

    After WWI, the campaign to Prohibition began as temperance ads began to run in local newspapers.

  • Way Back When: Veronica Springs Road History

    Veronica Springs Road gets its name from a spring in the area that was said to be healthful and medicinal

  • Another Devastating Flood in 1857

    On January 9, 1857, another devastating flood struck the Santa Barbara area.

  • Way Back When: Lows Hit 28 Degrees

    In January 1919, the local Santa Barbara paper reported the weather dipped to 28 degrees.

  • Way Back When: Wives and Other Wives

    The local movie studio, Flying A, released a movie titled "Wives and Other Wives" in December 1918.

  • Way Back When: It’s Christmas Time Again in Santa Barbara!

    Betsy shares a Christmas advertisement for new slippers published in 1918 for the store E.F. Rodenbeck at 1021 State Street.

  • Way Back When: Nowhere to Park It

    In 1918 airplanes were flying over Santa Barbara but they didn't have a proper place to land and began setting down on the Riviera.

  • Way Back When: How About Some Barnacle Chowder?

    In 1918, Santa Barbarans were clamoring for barnacle chowder.

  • Way Back When: The Lockheeds’ Dream Ends in the Desert

    100 years ago, the Lockheed/Loughead brothers flight to Washington D.C. crashed in Arizona due to engine failure.

  • Way Back When: Puzzling Reports from the Police Station

    Betsy shares some interesting police reports from Santa Barbara in 1918.

  • Way Back When: Watch Out for Sharks!

    100 years ago in 1918, the area where the Santa Barbara Airport is airport is now, was full of sharks! 

  • Way Back When: Santa Barbara Rotary

    We take it for granted that November 11 is Veterans Day, but it was a new concept back in 1918. 

  • Way Back When: Reflecting on Sunsets in Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara sunsets were still pretty popular in of 1918, so much so that a local poet dedicated some word art to them.

  • Way Back When: Ban on Ghosts Prowling About

    The influenza scare was alarming the parents of trick-or-treaters in  1918,  and put a damper on the demons on the streets of Santa Barbara.

  • Spanish Flu Invaded Santa Barbara in 1918

    In October 1918, there were more than 50 articles in the local papers about the Spanish Flu invading Santa Barbara.

  • Historic Mystery House

    Does anyone recognize this historic house believed to be in Santa Barbara and know where it is?

  • Way Back When: Pro Wrestler Arrives with Pet Pig

    In October 1918, a famous wrestler arrived in Santa Barbara for a match with his pet pig.

  • Way Back When: Bathing Suits and Pure Thoughts!

    As the summer temperatures were rising, the swimsuit controversy was heating up in Santa Barbara 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: A Monument for the Warriors of WWI

    On September 21, 1918, the local paper reported, “Summerland was the scene of patriotic enthusiasm..."

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