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  • Movies Way Back When: The Lonely Heart

    In the 1915 Flying A film “The Lonely Heart,” the heroine, who must be lonely (or perverted?), caresses a toad.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Diamond From the Sky

    “The Diamond From the Sky,” a 30-part serial movie produced by our very own “Flying A” movie studio in 1915.

  • Movies Way Back When: A Modern Rip Van Winkle

    The Flying “A” two-reel (20-minute) silent movie "A Modern Rip Van Winkle," was a 1914 version of the old Washington Irving story.

  • Way Back When: The “Flying A” was Flying High in Santa Barbara in 1914

    The folks from the “Flying A” studio were filming in various locations such as stores on State Street, the Channel Islands, and all around the county and beyond.

  • Movies Way Back When: Bad Dog!

    The movie comedian W.C. Fields is famous for saying that he hated to share the screen with children or animals.

  • Way Back When: Before the “Flying A” Arrived

    The American Film Manufacturing Company, nicknamed the “Flying A,” was in Santa Barbara from 1912 to 1921, but it was not the first to locate here.

  • Movies Way Back When: A First in Santa Barbara

    The earliest reference Betsy found about movies being shown in Santa Barbara dates way back to 1898.

  • Way Back When: First X-rated Movie in Santa Barbara?

    The Hollywood rating system had not been invented yet, but in July 1914, the Mission Theater on State Street was not allowing unaccompanied minors to view the four-reel movie Sapho

  • Way Back When: Celebrity Sightings

    Santa Barbara has been a retreat for celebrities for over 100 years and in 1914 two movie stars appeared in a local exhibition baseball game.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    At Santa Barbara's Mission Theatre in 1914 a film titled "Mexican War Pictures" was shown on the big screen with Pancho Villa.

  • Movies Way Back When: Sound Causes Silence

    The talk of the town in March 1914 was about Thomas Edison’s “talking pictures” to be shown for the first time in Santa Barbara at the Potter Theatre.

  • Way Back When: Meteor Falls in Mission Canyon

    You may or may not have spotted the distant comet that cruised by recently, but plenty of folks saw something a lot closer to home in 1914.

  • Way Back When: It's Showtime

    Back in July 1914, the newly constructed Recreation Center on Carrillo and Anacapa streets was getting ready to open its 850-seat auditorium.

  • Way Back When: California Led the Way to Prohibition

    Prohibition of alcohol did not begin nationwide until January 1920, but the statewide ban on the sale of alcohol began in California on July 1, 1919.

  • Way Back When: The Red Cross Asks for Help

    During the “Spanish Flu” in 1919, the Santa Barbara Red Cross was calling for any volunteers who had attended “home nursing” courses. 

  • Way Back When: Celebrating July 4 in 1915

    In 1915, Santa Barbara residents gathered at the racetrack to watch a "standing Roman race" during the July 4th holiday.

  • The 1925 Quake on the Mesa

    Betsy reports the 1925 earthquake was also felt on the Mesa where the lighthouse tower nearly collapsed.

  • Way Back When: A Socially-Distant Thanksgiving Celebration

    During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, Thanksgiving was celebrated quietly with an open-air service in Montecito.

  • Way Back When: Mermaids on Santa Cruz Island

    Over 100 years ago, a cast of actors filmed "Sirens of the Sea" on Santa Cruz Island.

  • Way Back When: We Regret to Inform You...

    Over 100 years ago, families of World War I soldiers received telegrams of those who succumbed to the "Spanish Flu."

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