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  • Way Back When: Our Musical Comedy Jail

    Jail is not supposed to be a joke, but when a petty prisoner dug his way out of our city’s pokey (with his fingernails!) back in October 1919, it was pretty comical for a while.

  • Way Back When: A Queen's Privileges

    In 1919, the Queen of Belgium was the first woman allowed to enter the Santa Barbara Mission's garden.

  • Way Back When: A Royal Couple Makes Headlines Here

    A royal couple visited Santa Barbara for four days and generated a whopping 20 articles in the local papers in October 1919.

  • Way Back When: Fasten Your Seatbelts and Tie the Knot

    Did you know 100 years ago a local couple got married while flying in a Lockheed plane above Santa Barbara?

  • Way Back When: Nuts to Schoolwork!

    In Carpinteria 100 years ago, school kids were busy picking beans and walnuts during harvest season.

  • Local Authors Celebrate Tiny Library

    Local authors celebrated the Tiny Library installations on State Street during First Thursday.

  • Way Back When: Nature’s Beauties on the Sea

    Santa Barbara’s Nature Study Club ventured out to Santa Cruz Island for their monthly excursion in September 1919.

  • Way Back When: A Whole Pile of Pets

    Betsy shares a news clipping of a local actor from 100 years ago showing off his animals.

  • Way Back When: The Missing Monkey

    100 years ago, a trained monkey in a Santa Barbara department store escaped into the streets.

  • Way Back When: Dogs on Streetcars, Again!

    Betsy shares a 100-year-old cartoon from the local newspaper.

  • Way Back When: Carpinteria’s “Kiladi Kamp” Kicks Off

    The national organization Camp Fire Girls opened its first local chapter 100 years ago in Carpinteria.

  • Way Back When: Movie Folks Come to Town

    Several prominent Hollywood personalities were seen in and around our fair city this time 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: Dog Days in Santa Barbara

    The first annual dog show was held this month 100 years ago at the Belvedere (formerly Potter) Hotel, sponsored by the Santa Barbara Kennel Club.

  • Way Back When: Dancing Under the Stars

    Dancing on the beach was a popular pastime 100 years ago in Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: A Bit of Hawaii in Santa Barbara

    Did you know there was a Hawaiian themed dairy in Santa Barbara 100 years ago?

  • Santa Barbara Courthouse Design Sketch from 1919

    100 years ago this month, the City of Santa Barbara revealed the winning sketch for the new (current) courthouse.

  • Way Back When: Old Mail Coach Rolls Down State Street

    A century ago, we had the first July 4th since World War I had ended and the City of Santa Barbara celebrated with four days of parades and festivals.

  • Way Back When: Historic Adobe Repurposed

    A number of the original adobes that had been built here in the Spanish or Mexican era were being adopted by artists in 1919. 

  • Way Back When: Cars Have Come A Long Way

    Betsy shares an article in the paper she read about from 1904.

  • Way Back When: An Aviation First for Santa Barbara

    In June of 1919, a visitor from Riverside was the first person to fly to Santa Barbara just for a weekend social visit.​

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