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  • Movies Way Back When: Noisy Silent Films

    The process of filming silent movies over 100 years ago at the local “Flying A” studio was anything but silent.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Highest Bid

    The “Flying A” filmed this movie at one of the mansions in Montecito in 1916.

  • Movies Way Back When: Where There's a Will, There's a Way

    In 1912, a trained burro stole the scene during a movie being filmed in Hope Ranch.

  • Movies Way Back When: Unfit to be Tied

    There were still hitching posts on State Street in 1912 when the cowboy actors from the “Flying A” rode into the city.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: A Failure to Communicate

    In 1912, “Flying A” actors and film crews often showed up unannounced and startled Santa Barbara residents.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Why Santa Barbara?

    A 1912 newspaper clipping explains why the Flying A movie studio moved to Santa Barbara from San Diego over 100 years ago.

  • Movies Way Back When: A Map of the Past

    By the time this fire insurance map was made in 1930, the "Flying A" studio had been closed for years.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Big Glass Studio

    One of the reasons why the “Flying A” studio, and other movies companies, located to the West Coast was to take advantage of the abundant sunshine here.

  • Way Back When: Flying A Studio Nears Completion

    Over 100 years ago a long article in the local paper described what it called "the artistic studio of the American Film Manufacturing Company," and how all eyes were focused on it.

  • The Second Flying A Movie Studio

    The Flying A studio had arrived here in July 1912, and by the end of that year, they purchased some land on the first block of Mission Street, west of State Street.

  • The First Flying A Studio

    The first "Flying A" movie studio in Santa Barbara was at the corner of State and Islay Streets, but it's long gone.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Hidden Flying A Building

    Many SB folks know about the “Flying A” building on the corner of Mission and Chapala, but this is something else. 

  • Movies Way Back When: The Tiger's Trail

    On April 20, 1919, the adventure serial “The Tiger’s Trail” was released. Some episodes were filmed on Santa Cruz Island.

  • Movies Way Back When: Flying A Expanding Up and Out

    Santa Barbara’s very own movie company was featured in a 1915 magazine titled "In Motion Picture Land," which called it one of the most attractive studios in California.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Dumb Girl of Portici

    In 1916 a film titled "The Dumb Girl of Portici" filmed some scenes at an estate in Montecito.

  • Movies Way Back When: A Hometown Movie Star

    Some Santa Barbara folks appeared in silent movies produced by the “Flying A” film studio, but here’s a hometown actress who appeared in some 200 films.

  • Movies Way Back When: Cars and stars at the Flying A

    Even movie stars over 100 years ago drove a spiffy set of wheels.

  • Movies Way Back When: Special Effects on the Cheap

    One hundred years ago, movie studios had neither budget nor equipment for special effects, so they leapt into action to film disasters such as shipwrecks and use them in a film.

  • Movies Way Back When: Touring the Piranhurst Estate

    In the 1900's there were a couple of walking and hiking groups in Santa Barbara.

  • Movies Way Back When: A Pelican in the Spotlight

    Captain Sebastian Larco, the man who was called the father of Santa Barbara’s fishing industry, had a couple of pet pelicans.

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