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  • Way Back When: A Bit of Hawaii in Santa Barbara

    Did you know there as a Hawaiian themed dairy in Santa Barbara 100 years ago?

  • Santa Barbara Courthouse Design Sketch from 1919

    100 years ago this month, the City of Santa Barbara revealed the winning sketch for the new (current) courthouse.

  • Way Back When: Old Mail Coach Rolls Down State Street

    A century ago, we had the first July 4th since World War I had ended and the City of Santa Barbara celebrated with four days of parades and festivals.

  • Way Back When: Historic Adobe Repurposed

    A number of the original adobes that had been built here in the Spanish or Mexican era were being adopted by artists in 1919. 

  • Way Back When: Cars Have Come A Long Way

    Betsy shares an article in the paper she read about from 1904.

  • Way Back When: An Aviation First for Santa Barbara

    In June of 1919, a visitor from Riverside was the first person to fly to Santa Barbara just for a weekend social visit.​

  • Way Back When: The Charm of Wildflowers in the City

    In the spring of 1919, Theodore Payne of Los Angeles had visited Santa Barbara and encouraged folks here to plant wildflowers.

  • Way Back When: The Largest Sign in Santa Barbara

    The largest sign in Santa Barbara was painted 100 years ago on the roof of the Flying A Studio.

  • Rainbows and Sunrises

    Edhat readers share photos of rainbows, sunsets, and sunrises from Memorial Day Weekend

  • Way Back When: Our Seals Hunted Submarines

    100 years ago Memorial Day was the time to remember the war contributions of both men and women, and – seals.

  • Way Back When: The Writer in the Store on State Street

    Most people in Santa Barbara knew him as the part owner of a jewelry store at 1009 State Street, but Roy P. Churchill was also a writer in 1919.

  • Cecil B. DeMille on Santa Cruz Island

    100 years ago Cecil B. DeMille was making the movie "Male and Female" on Santa Cruz Island.

  • Way Back When: Plaza Del Mar Bandshell Turns 100 Years Old

    The old-timey bandshell on the south end of present-day Pershing Park near the intersection of Castillo St. and Cabrillo Blvd. is 100 years old!

  • Way Back When: Celebrating the Presidio

    100 years ago, folks were remembering that April 21 marks the founding of Santa Barbara’s Presidio back in 1782.

  • Way Back When: Flowers for William

    100 years ago, the Santa Barbara Central Library gathered flowers for the Shakespeare Celebration to honor the Bard on the anniversary of his birth.

  • Way Back When: A Heartfelt Welcome Home Reception

    In April 1919, several celebrations were held in Santa Barbara to welcome and honor the soldiers returning from the war in Europe. 

  • Way Back When: Make Your Own Music

    100 years ago, folks didn’t have radios in their homes yet, but you could make your own music with a mechanical piano.

  • Way Back When: Electrifying News on the Homefront

    100 years ago, advertisements in the Santa Barbara newspaper introduced a new invention, electrical outlets in the wall.

  • Way Back When: "The Geisha" at Potter Theatre

    In 1919, "The Geisha" opera performed at the Potter Theatre in Santa Barbara, which was the first played by a Japanese woman instead of a white woman.

  • Way Back When: Visiting Montecito's “Riso Rivo” Estate

    Santa Barbara’s Nature Study Club was fortunate enough to be allowed to wander around one of Montecito’s grandest estates in March 1919.

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