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  • Way Back When: "The Geisha" at Potter Theatre

    In 1919, "The Geisha" opera performed at the Potter Theatre in Santa Barbara, which was the first played by a Japanese woman instead of a white woman.

  • Way Back When: Visiting Montecito's “Riso Rivo” Estate

    Santa Barbara’s Nature Study Club was fortunate enough to be allowed to wander around one of Montecito’s grandest estates in March 1919.

  • Noticing the Little Ordinary Things

    In March 1919, after the Great War was over people in Santa Barbara had time to notice the little things, and it filled the daily newspaper.

  • Way Back When: Flying A Releases “Where the West Begins”

    In March 1919, Santa Barbara’s “Flying A” studio released their latest production called “Where the West Begins” starring the company’s hottest hunk Bill Russell. 

  • Way Back When: Santa Barbara's Former Courthouse

    100 years ago, Santa Barbara started to outgrow the small size of our former courthouse located where the Sunken Garden is today.

  • Way Back When: Underage Taxi Drivers

    100 years ago in Santa Barbara, taxi drivers could be as young as 16-years-old.

  • Way Back When: Big News at the Potter Hotel

    Way back when, in February 1919, the big news hit the paper – “Sale of Potter Hotel Now Announced.” 

  • Way Back When: Wild Weather on Santa Cruz Island

    In February 1919, a group of Hollywood actors was sailing to a filming location on Santa Cruz Island when a winter storm hit.

  • How Are Pets Coping with the Storm?

    How are everyone else's pets coping with the storm? My cat is freaked out.

  • Way Back When: Countdown to Prohibition Begins

    After WWI, the campaign to Prohibition began as temperance ads began to run in local newspapers.

  • Way Back When: Veronica Springs Road History

    Veronica Springs Road gets its name from a spring in the area that was said to be healthful and medicinal

  • Another Devastating Flood in 1857

    On January 9, 1857, another devastating flood struck the Santa Barbara area.

  • Way Back When: Lows Hit 28 Degrees

    In January 1919, the local Santa Barbara paper reported the weather dipped to 28 degrees.

  • Way Back When: Wives and Other Wives

    The local movie studio, Flying A, released a movie titled "Wives and Other Wives" in December 1918.

  • Way Back When: It’s Christmas Time Again in Santa Barbara!

    Betsy shares a Christmas advertisement for new slippers published in 1918 for the store E.F. Rodenbeck at 1021 State Street.

  • Way Back When: Nowhere to Park It

    In 1918 airplanes were flying over Santa Barbara but they didn't have a proper place to land and began setting down on the Riviera.

  • Way Back When: How About Some Barnacle Chowder?

    In 1918, Santa Barbarans were clamoring for barnacle chowder.

  • Way Back When: The Lockheeds’ Dream Ends in the Desert

    100 years ago, the Lockheed/Loughead brothers flight to Washington D.C. crashed in Arizona due to engine failure.

  • Way Back When: Puzzling Reports from the Police Station

    Betsy shares some interesting police reports from Santa Barbara in 1918.

  • Way Back When: Watch Out for Sharks!

    100 years ago in 1918, the area where the Santa Barbara Airport is airport is now, was full of sharks! 

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