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  • Movies Way Back When: Walk Like Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin first appeared on movie screens in Santa Barbara back in 1914, and by March of 1916, his famous duck-footed walk was seen both on the screen and on the dance floors in Santa Barbara!

  • Movies Way Back When: Chewing the Scenery in 1916

    This expression generally refers to an actor behaving melodramatically, but in this case, the scenery was actually chewed — by a goat!

  • Movies Way Back When: The First Movie Made in SB

    Lots of movies have been filmed in and around Santa Barbara. But did you ever wonder what was the first movie ever filmed in Santa Barbara?

  • Movies Way Back When: Edward Wales

    In 1918, Edward Wales, a one-time actor at the “Flying A,” was now a volunteer in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I. 

  • Movies Way Back When: Using Local Disasters as Scenery

    Back when movie makers did not have the budgets to stage their own natural disasters, they took advantage of real-life disaster scenes, such as the devastating fire in Ojai, California in 1917.

  • Movies Way Back When: A Bad Influence?

    The silent movies with their one-sentence subtitles (intertitles) were having a bad in­fluence on written communication, ac­cording to an opinion piece in the local paper penned by Santa Barbara writer Sarah Redington in January 1917.

  • Movies Way Back When: Explosive Peanuts

    In January 1916, the Santa Barbara Post Office building (now the Santa Barbara Museum of Art) was used for a scene in “Peanuts and Powder."

  • Movies Way Back When: Goodwill Dance

    In January of 1916, the Flying A Studio hosted their first goodwill dance for the community of Santa Barbara.

  • Mushroom ID

    An edhat reader is looking for help identifying a bunch of mushrooms found in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

  • Movies Way Back When: Cutting-edge Filming in SB

    Back in December 1916, Santa Barbara residents were witnessing movie technology on the ground floor in scenes such as this one which was probably shot on a nearby road.

  • Waiting for the Sun

    Betsy waited for the sun to rise on the steps of Old Mission Santa Barbara for the official first day of winter.

  • Way Back When: Xmas Wish Lists in 1919

    Betsy shares the top holiday ads for Christmas gifts in Santa Barbara in the year 1919.

  • Way Back When: Christmas Saving Clubs

    Ever since 1909 when the first Christmas saving club was started in Pennsylvania, they were popular with millions of Americans.

  • Way Back When: New Rules of the Road

    Betsy shares the rules for motor vehicles in Santa Barbara in 1916 including a speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

  • Movies Way Back When: War Brides

    Betsy shares historical feelings about the movie "War Brides" that was made over 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: Thanksgiving Prices

    Betsy details what $1.25 would buy for Thanksgiving at the Splendid Cafe in Santa Barbara 100 years ago in 1920.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Sound of Silents

    In 1915, the Palace Theatre in Santa Barbara became the proud owner of a $5,000 photoplayer.

  • Movies Way Back When: Guess The Name

    Back in 1914, a couple of kids in Santa Barbara gave a collie to Vivian Rich, one of the leading ladies of the “Flying A” Film Company here.

  • Way Back When: Halloween during the Spanish Flu

    The streets in Santa Barbara were devoid of little demons and witches on Halloween in 1918 while the so-called Spanish Flu floated around the city.

  • Movies Way Back When: Blanche Payson

    Local actress Blanche Payson appeared in 158 movies with stars Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and the Three Stooges.

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