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  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Silent Actor Nabbed for Speeding

    Drew Barrymore's grandfather was a famous silent film actor and in 1919 he got in trouble with the Santa Barbara law.

  • Way Back When: A Wild 1914 Storm

    Here’s a look back at another wild January storm we had in 1914 where three bridges along Mission Creek were carried out by the flood.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: The Amazing Big Glass Studio

    In 1919, a reporter from the movie magazine “Camera” visited the "Flying A" studio on the block surrounded by Mission, State, Padre, and Chapala streets.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Saloon Men vs. Movie Men

    Misunderstandings between film folks and Santa Barbara residents started even before the “Flying A” settled here in 1912.

  • Movies Way Back When: Are Mermaids Naughty or Nice?

    There's nothing like a mermaid movie to get people excited, one way or another.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Lawsuit

    It’s hard to say who was the good guy and who was the bad guy in this case – both sides were pointing fingers at each other.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: True Crime or Movie Scene?

    Back when the “Flying A” was making movies all over our city, they often did not give any notice to the public or the authorities.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Pier or Wharf?

    Stearns Wharf... but is it really a pier?

  • Movies Way Back When: War Dogs

    When the United States entered World War I in 1917, the Army recruited horses and dogs to be sent to aid the conflict in Europe.

  • Movies Way Back When: Indians in Mission Canyon

    It's doubtful if any of the actors in the 1915 “Flying A” movie, who were purported to be Indians from a Navajo reservation, were actual Native Americans.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Putting the Wings on the "A"

    One of the early directors for the "Flying A" – Alan Dwan – wrote that he invented the studio’s famous logo.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: An Unplanned Stunt Behind the Scenes

    In 1912, Santa Barbara’s “Flying A” was at its temporary location in the old ostrich farm at State and Islay.

  • Movies Way Back When: Actresses Dressed & Undressed

    In the 19teens, women wore long dresses that reached their ankles, so movies that showed women’s legs, were popular with male audiences.

  • Police/Sheriff Vehicle Weaving on 101?

    A reader wonders why a law enforcement vehicle was weaving on Highway 101.

  • Movies Way Back When: Do It Yourself Costumes

    A century ago, silent movie actors were expected to provide their own costumes for most films. 

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: The Welcome Mat Was Out

    Santa Barbara welcomed silent movie actors and crews a century ago. Not every community felt this way.

  • Movies Way Back When: An Unrehearsed Rescue

    The "Flying A" silent film actors were happy to make themselves useful – even offscreen – in Santa Barbara.

  • Movies Way Back When: Problem on a Movie Set

    A photo from the 1913 “Flying A” silent movie “In the Days of Trajan,” which was set in Ancient Rome, had a prop that was all wrong in a couple of ways.

  • Movies Way Back When: "The House of Scandals" Has Legal Problems

    This silent movie with the provocative title was released by Santa Barbara's "Flying A" studio in 1915.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: “In Old California When the Gringoes Came”

    The American Film Company, the "Flying A," settled in Santa Barbara in 1912, but other silent movie studios filmed here before that. In fact, movies made by other film companies might have inspired the "Flying A" to move here.

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