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  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Female Director Films in Montecito

    There were a number of female movie directors during the silent film period (before c.1930), but not many of them were directing movies in our area.

  • Movies Way Back When: Montecito subs for Monte Carlo and Venice

    Montecito was a stand-in for scenes in Europe in a silent movie about a wealthy young American man with plenty of time and money on his hands.

  • Movies Way Back When: Dodo Newton is a Hit

    The “Flying A” silent movie "Soul Mates" was released on May 8, 1916. It takes place on the East Coast, but was filmed at the "Casa Buenaventura" – one of the million-dollar estates in Montecito.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: “Wife Wanted” in Montecito

    Miramar Beach was the scene for “Wife Wanted,” a one-reel silent film released on April 28, 1915.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: "Flying A's" Spectacular Stunt

    One of the most amazing (and dangerous) stunts performed by Santa Barbara's own silent film studio made the news in March and April of 1916.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: "The Tiger's Trail" on Santa Cruz Island

    One episode of "The Tiger's Trail" was filmed on Santa Cruz Island in 1919.

  • Movies Way Back When: “The Woman in the Web” at Santa Cruz Island

    The first episode of “The Woman in the Web” was released on April 8, 1918 with several episodes filmed on Santa Cruz Island.

  • Movies Way Back When: Noted Female Director in Montecito

    Lois Weber directed an eight-reel movie, and some scenes were filmed at one of the million-dollar mansions in Montecito called “El Furedîs.”

  • Movies Way Back When: Fun & Games?

    Santa Barbara kids were happy to be in the "Flying A" movies, until an official from the State Labor Commission came here in October 1915 at the request of the Santa Barbara superintendent of schools.


    The silent film “The Quest,” was released on March 22, 1915 with some scenes filmed on Santa Cruz Island and "Piranhurst," a million-dollar Montecito estate owned by the Bothin family.


    The Fine Arts Film Company came here in 1915 to film scenes for their production of "Don Quixote."


    The earliest commercial movie that was filmed in Montecito dates to 1911

  • Movies Way Back When: A Movie on a Mountain Top

    The "Flying A" film studio made use of many places in our area for making their movies, and this film was at "Knapp's Castle."

  • Movies Way Back When: "Her Husband's Secret"

    This silent film was released on February 22, 1925 and filmed at a million-dollar mansion in Montecito named “Beira Mar.”

  • Movies Way Back When: The Romance in Montecito

    A 1913 romantic drama was filmed at the first Bellosguardo, before it was rebuilt after the 1925 earthquake.

  • Movies Way Back When: The Little Car That Could

    Back in Santa Barbara in 1916, moviegoers here watched an infomercial titled, "Death Valley Dodge and Its Mountain and Desert Travels."

  • Movies and Million Dollar Mansions: The Voice From the Minaret

    This silent film was released on January 28, 1923. Some scenes were filmed in Montecito where the Bartlett Polo Club on Middle Road was a stand-in for the Bombay Polo Club.

  • Movies Way Back When: Mary Pickford in Montecito

    Silent-movie star Mary Pickford came to Montecito to film a scene for “Stella Maris.” 

  • Movies Way Back When: Raining on Cue

    When Santa Barbara’s “Flying A” film studio wanted to film a movie with rain in May, they had to make their own weather.

  • Movies Way Back When: Celebrity Sighting

    Charlie Chaplin made his first visit to Santa Barbara in June 1915.

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