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  • Way Back When: The Red Cross Asks for Help

    During the “Spanish Flu” in 1919, the Santa Barbara Red Cross was calling for any volunteers who had attended “home nursing” courses. 

  • Way Back When: Celebrating July 4 in 1915

    In 1915, Santa Barbara residents gathered at the racetrack to watch a "standing Roman race" during the July 4th holiday.

  • The 1925 Quake on the Mesa

    Betsy reports the 1925 earthquake was also felt on the Mesa where the lighthouse tower nearly collapsed.

  • Way Back When: A Socially-Distant Thanksgiving Celebration

    During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, Thanksgiving was celebrated quietly with an open-air service in Montecito.

  • Way Back When: Mermaids on Santa Cruz Island

    Over 100 years ago, a cast of actors filmed "Sirens of the Sea" on Santa Cruz Island.

  • Way Back When: We Regret to Inform You...

    Over 100 years ago, families of World War I soldiers received telegrams of those who succumbed to the "Spanish Flu."

  • Way Back When: Sexy Swimsuits in 1916

    Betsy shares information on the "sexy" summer swimsuits advertised in Santa Barbara in June 1916.

  • Way Back When: The Flu Claims Flying A Actor

    Over 100 years ago a lead actor from the local Flying A Studio died from the "Spanish Flu."

  • Way Back When: Monkey Terrorizes Santa Barbara

    Would you believe King Kong running down De la Vina Street in May 1917?

  • Way Back When: Flu Closes the “Flying A” Studio

    Over 100 years ago, the "Spanish flu" shut down Flying A Studios on Mission Street for 30 days.

  • Way Back When: Panama Hats in Season

    Fashion 100 years ago was all about the invention of the Panama hat, a trend that continues today.

  • Way Back When: Spanish Flu Cancels Halloween

    Back in October 1918, the “Spanish influenza” scare was alarming the parents of trick-or-treaters, and put a damper on the demons on the streets of Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: A “Betsy” Movie Comes to Santa Barbara

    In 1917, the MissionTheatre ran an ad for a news silent film "Betsy's Burglars."

  • Way Back When: Popular Remedies for the Spanish Flu

    Over 100 years ago, the Veronica Medicinal Springs Water Company claimed their water treated and prevented the Spanish Flu.

  • Way Back When: The Woman in the Web

    This was the title of a movie being filmed on Santa Cruz Island in March 1918.

  • Way Back When: The Spanish Flu Invades Santa Barbara

    Everything changed here on October 14, 1918, with the large headline, “‘Flu’ Invades Santa Barbara; Schools, Movies, Other Public Gathering Places May Close.”

  • Way Back When: The First Meeting of the Santa Barbara Red Cross

    The women of Santa Barbara started the Santa Barbara branch of the Red Cross in March 1917 during World War I.

  • Way Back When: Blaming the Flu Source

    Although recent historians think that the 1918 flu pandemic started in the United States, back in 1918 it was blamed on the Europeans – Spain in particular, and also Germany.

  • Way Back When: Moviemaking in Montecito

    The “Flying A” was not the only movie studio making movies in our area 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: Spanish Flu Advice

    In August 1918, there were no cases of the Spanish Flu in Santa Barbara yet, but articles in the local paper recommended that people start wearing masks if they became sick.

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