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  • Spanish Flu Invaded Santa Barbara in 1918

    In October 1918, there were more than 50 articles in the local papers about the Spanish Flu invading Santa Barbara.

  • Historic Mystery House

    Does anyone recognize this historic house believed to be in Santa Barbara and know where it is?

  • Way Back When: Pro Wrestler Arrives with Pet Pig

    In October 1918, a famous wrestler arrived in Santa Barbara for a match with his pet pig.

  • Way Back When: Bathing Suits and Pure Thoughts!

    As the summer temperatures were rising, the swimsuit controversy was heating up in Santa Barbara 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: A Monument for the Warriors of WWI

    On September 21, 1918, the local paper reported, “Summerland was the scene of patriotic enthusiasm..."

  • Way Back When: A Storm Made to Order

    100 years ago, the "Flying A" studio created a special effects storm for a film in Santa Barbara. 

  • Santa Barbara Dons Football Team in 1918

    Betsy reports the Santa Barbara Dons football team was disbanded in 1918 as too many players went off to war.

  • Way Back When: Dreaming of the Future

    In September 1918, Santa Barbara already had the Lockheed/Loughead brothers with their seaplane giving rides to tourists on the beach, so it was only natural to dream of the next step.

  • Way Back When: Local Scenery in the Movies

    The Gillespie Estate in Montecito served as the setting for a silent movie called “Our Better Selves.” 

  • Way Back When: First WWI Fatality Hits Home

    100 years ago Santa Barbara received news of the area's first death during World War I.

  • Way Back When: Keep that Kodak Below Decks!

    Although Santa Barbara’s shoreline is very photogenic, during World War I, photo buffs were told to refrain from using their cameras to capture images of the coastline.

  • Way Back When: Concerns About Flooding in 1918

    In 1914, a massive storm hit Santa Barbara causing a destructive flood.

  • Way Back When: “Flying A” Releases Ghost Movie

    The local Flying A Studio released its first scary movie, "The Ghost of Rosy Taylor," 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: Remembering Santa Barbara's First Train Arrival

    Betsy shares a historic photo from 1887 in Santa Barbara when the first train arrived in town.

  • Way Back When: Martha Graham Returns to Santa Barbara

    A couple of well-known dancers were appearing at a street fair here in July 1918 that was held to benefit St. Vincent’s orphanage.

  • Way Back When: A Freak Storm in the Night

    On the evening of June 30 and the early morning of July 1, 1918, the residents of Santa Barbara were kept awake by Mother Nature’s light show.

  • Way Back When: Predicting the Future

    100 years ago, a column in the newspaper suggested that instead of fireworks on July 4th, the noise would be furnished by motorcycles. 

  • Way Back When: Remembering the Fire

    Back in June 1917, there was a record-breaking heatwave, and fires broke out in Ojai and Carpinteria.

  • Way Back When: Let's Not Forget to Laugh

    Although a lot of the news in the local papers was pretty grim in 1918, there was a new cartoon artist whose work began appearing here.

  • Way Back When: A Solar Eclipse in Santa Barbara

    There was a solar eclipse in the afternoon of June 8 that spread across the United States, somewhat similar to the one we experienced in 2017.

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