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  • Way Back When: High Hopes for a High Flier

    Nineteen-nineteen was the year of the airplane in Santa Barbara. But perhaps some expectations were just a bit too high.

  • Book Signing for Betsy J. Green's Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 2019

    Book Signing for Betsy J. Green's Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 2019



    Wednesday, November 20th at 7:00 pm

    Location: Chaucer's Books

    Chaucer's is looking forward to spend a very entertaining evening with Betsy J. Green, author of the popular Way Back When series that chronicles life in Santa Barbara looking back one hundred years. Santa Barbara in 1919 is book number six in this fascinating series.

  • Way Back When: Another Adobe is Repurposed

    100 years ago the Gaspar Oreña adobe at 27 East De la Guerra was renovated from a home to a studio and office building.

  • Way Back When: No Spooks on the Streets

    Halloween was celebrated quietly in 1919 – the first Halloween after the war in Europe had ended.

  • Way Back When: The Boy Scouts Arrive in Santa Barbara

    100 years ago this month, the area's first Boy Scouts of America group was organized in Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: Our Musical Comedy Jail

    Jail is not supposed to be a joke, but when a petty prisoner dug his way out of our city’s pokey (with his fingernails!) back in October 1919, it was pretty comical for a while.

  • Way Back When: A Queen's Privileges

    In 1919, the Queen of Belgium was the first woman allowed to enter the Santa Barbara Mission's garden.

  • Way Back When: A Royal Couple Makes Headlines Here

    A royal couple visited Santa Barbara for four days and generated a whopping 20 articles in the local papers in October 1919.

  • Way Back When: Fasten Your Seatbelts and Tie the Knot

    Did you know 100 years ago a local couple got married while flying in a Lockheed plane above Santa Barbara?

  • Way Back When: Nuts to Schoolwork!

    In Carpinteria 100 years ago, school kids were busy picking beans and walnuts during harvest season.

  • Local Authors Celebrate Tiny Library

    Local authors celebrated the Tiny Library installations on State Street during First Thursday.

  • Way Back When: Nature’s Beauties on the Sea

    Santa Barbara’s Nature Study Club ventured out to Santa Cruz Island for their monthly excursion in September 1919.

  • Way Back When: A Whole Pile of Pets

    Betsy shares a news clipping of a local actor from 100 years ago showing off his animals.

  • Way Back When: The Missing Monkey

    100 years ago, a trained monkey in a Santa Barbara department store escaped into the streets.

  • Way Back When: Dogs on Streetcars, Again!

    Betsy shares a 100-year-old cartoon from the local newspaper.

  • Way Back When: Carpinteria’s “Kiladi Kamp” Kicks Off

    The national organization Camp Fire Girls opened its first local chapter 100 years ago in Carpinteria.

  • Way Back When: Movie Folks Come to Town

    Several prominent Hollywood personalities were seen in and around our fair city this time 100 years ago.

  • Way Back When: Dog Days in Santa Barbara

    The first annual dog show was held this month 100 years ago at the Belvedere (formerly Potter) Hotel, sponsored by the Santa Barbara Kennel Club.

  • Way Back When: Dancing Under the Stars

    Dancing on the beach was a popular pastime 100 years ago in Santa Barbara.

  • Way Back When: A Bit of Hawaii in Santa Barbara

    Did you know there was a Hawaiian themed dairy in Santa Barbara 100 years ago?

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