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  • Movies Way Back When: "The House of Scandals" Has Legal Problems

    This silent movie with the provocative title was released by Santa Barbara's "Flying A" studio in 1915.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: “In Old California When the Gringoes Came”

    The American Film Company, the "Flying A," settled in Santa Barbara in 1912, but other silent movie studios filmed here before that. In fact, movies made by other film companies might have inspired the "Flying A" to move here.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: "For the Crown" filmed in Montecito

    Some of the earliest silent films that Santa Barbara's "Flying A" studio filmed in Montecito were costume dramas.

  • Movies Way Back When: Silent movie filmed at the Mission

    In “Medallion,” a 1911 silent movie, the Santa Barbara Mission represents a monastery in Italy during the 1600s.

  • Arroyo Burro Creek Mystery?

    A reader wonders if anyone knows what the poles are fore in the Arroyo Burro estuary.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: “All’s Fair in Love”

    In the 1920s, a super-sexy woman was called a “vamp,” and her uber-seductive activities were termed “vamping."

  • Movies Way Back When: A Patriotic Movie Made in Montecito

    The “Flying A” released “For the Flag” on August 25, 1913. This silent movie takes place about 1900 during the Philippine-American War, which was fresh in people’s minds back then, but is mostly forgotten today.

  • Movies Way Back When: "The Jilt" Filmed in Montecito

    A silent movie released by “Flying A” in 1915 deals with a wealthy young woman who has a child out of wedlock, and ends up marrying the father of the child, but not before a whole lot of unpleasant stuff goes down.

  • Movies Way Back When: Movie Made in Montecito’s “Spanish Town”

    Most of the silent films made in Montecito used the million-dollar mansions as the locale, but not this one, released by the “Flying A” on August 3, 1915.

  • What the heckizit?

    A reader is wondering what this curious-looking sea creature is.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: Cowboy Actors Star at the July 4 Rodeo

    The "Flying A" supplied a bunch of the studio's best riders for the July 4 rodeo in 1916. 

  • Movies Way Back When: Religious Movie Made in Montecito

    Several of the silent movies filmed at Montecito's million-dollar mansions had a religious theme.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: New book about local movies

    “Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions – Silent movies made in Montecito, CA” has just been published by yours truly.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: This Miss Would Be Missed

    America's first supermodel, Audrey Munson, left Santa Barbara for Hollywood in 1916.

  • Movies Way Back When: Flying A Folks Head South

    In July 1916, Santa Barbara residents saw a big movie announcement in the local paper.

  • MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: No Permits? No Problem!

    Apparently, when the "Flying A" decided to film outside their studio on Mission and Chapala streets, they did not have to ask permission or give any notice.

  • Movies Way Back When: Dreamy Movie Scenes in Montecito

    The “Flying A” released “The Dream Ship,” on June 16, 1914. This fantasy was inspired by a poem which says that in dreamland, a king and a pauper can change places

  • Movies Way Back When: A Floating Japanese Summer House

    I was very happy to be able to match up a scene from the "Flying A" film called "Nancy's Husband" with a photo of the floating Japanese summer house at the old estate in Montecito called Riso Rivo.

  • Movies Way Back When: Vitagraph Corp. Films Here

    Santa Barbara's "Flying A" studio was not the only company filming in our area.

  • Meteor shower tonight?

    I understand that there might be a meteor shower tonight about 10 p.m. Does anyone know in which direction we should look?

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