Articles From : Tyler Hayden

  • Much Love for Santa Barbara’s ‘Bridge Housing’ Model

    But Permanent Solutions for City's Homeless Remain Elusive

  • UCSB Course Shortage at ‘Crisis’ Level, Dean Says

    Many Undergrads Looking for Full 12-Unit Class Load Are ‘Entirely Out of Luck’

  • Despite Restoration, Monarchs Still Missing from Demolished Beach City Grove

    Continued Absence Is Reflective of Population Crashes Throughout State, Biologists Say

  • Ty Warner’s Ex Alleges Abuse, Sues for Half of $400 Million Montecito Estate

    Kathryn Zimmie, 85, Also Claims the Billionaire Stole Her Identity to Hide His Assets

  • UCSB Facing Major Housing Shortage for Incoming Students

    Hundreds of Freshmen and Transfers Worry About Car-Living or Long-Distance Commutes

  • The ‘Bad Thing’ That Drove One Laguna Blanca Student to Stab Another

    Violent Delusions and Confession at Center of Attempted Murder Case

  • Women’s Political Committee Calls Out St. George for ‘Sexist’ Comments

    Developer Says Councilmember Meagan Harmon Should ‘Pause’ Political Career to Focus on Family

  • Church, State, and ‘Taking Back’ Santa Barbara

    Chief Transportation Planner Reportedly Wants $500,000 to Not File Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

  • Santa Barbara County Uncuffed from Complete Jail Renovation

    Sheriff Accused of Providing Supervisors ‘Bad Facts’ to Justify Expensive Overhaul

  • Dormzilla Descends on UCSB

    University Resurrects Plans for Massive, 11-Story Munger Residence Hall

  • As UCSB Grows and Grows, It Falls Way Behind on Building Housing

    Shortage Contributing in Major Way to Regional Squeeze

  • Santa Barbara’s Parklet-Palooza Rocks On

    Council, Restaurant Owners Resoundingly Reject New Design Rules

  • Could Four Old Sycamores Save Mission Canyon Bridge?

    Group Against Demolition Nominates Adjacent Trees as Historic Landmarks

  • Wagner Demands $4.6 Million for Debunked ‘L.A. Magazine’ Article

    Editor in Chief Says He ‘Stands by Our Story’

  • The Art and Science of a Prescribed Burn

    Firefighters, Ranchers Team Up to Train and Make Santa Barbara County Safer

  • Bellosguardo Showing Small Signs of Life

    Foundation Applies for Permits to Host Guided Tours and Special Events

  • DUI Attorney Darryl Genis Faces Two-Year Suspension from State Bar

    Judge Cites Repeated Misconduct and Recent Prison Stint for Tax Crime

  • Doctor ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Low Vaccination Rate Among Lompoc Prisoners

    Court-Ordered Medical Inspection Also Uncovers Glaring Deficiencies in COVID-19 Death Reviews

  • The Saga of Chloe the Yorkie, Suddenly Lost and Quickly Adopted

    Former Owners File Lawsuit Alleging Illegal Taking and Emotional Distress

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