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  • May Tree of the Month: Jacaranda

    Last winter’s late rains and warmer-than-usual temperatures have resulted in the most magnificent display of Jacaranda seen in Santa Barbara for many years - and the fabulous display of vivid, lavender-blue, blooms has occurred much earlier this spring.

  • April Tree of the Month: Western Redbud

    The Western Redbud is a California native tree with a big wow factor. For several weeks in the spring, it produces a dazzling display of magenta-pink flowers that immediately catches the eye.

  • March Tree of the Month: Eastern Redbud

    Nothing says, “Spring is here!”, like a deciduous tree coming into full bloom.

  • February Tree of the Month: Evergreen Pear

    The Evergreen Pear creates a remarkable display of blossoms in mid-winter, when many other trees are dormant and quite bare.

  • January Tree of the Month: Winter-Blooming Acacia Trees

    In January and February in Santa Barbara, the first trees to present amazing canopies of color are the Acacias.

  • December Tree of the Month: Torrey Pine

    The Torrey Pine is thought to be the rarest pine species in North America.

  • November Tree of the Month: Windmill Palm

    The Windmill Palm has found our mild Mediterranean climate to be a comfortable place in which to live and thrive. 

  • October Tree of the Month: Australian Flame Tree

    The Australian Flame Tree has one of the most dazzling floral displays. In fact, the word “flame” in the name refers to its canopy of scarlet flowers - the tree looks on fire!

  • September Tree of the Month: Nile Tulip Tree

    The Nile Tulip Tree explodes with a dazzling display of yellow flowers from July through September.

  • August Tree of the Month: Bunya Bunya

    The beautiful and awe-inspiring Bunya-Bunya tree is easy to spot around town, because of its massive size and its rounded skyline silhouette.

  • July Tree of the Month: Mexican Palo Verde

    The Mexican Palo Verde could well be the best tree for our future, given the increasingly hotter and drier climate that is predicted for Santa Barbara.

  • June Tree of the Month: Peppermint Tree

    With its arched and weeping branches, the Peppermint Tree has the graceful elegance of a weeping willow.

  • May Tree of the Month: Blue Hesper Palm

    As if the Blue Hesper Palm’s stunning bluish-gray fronds weren’t enough to make this palm stand out in any landscape, its long arching inflorescences are so incredible that they force you to stop and gaze in amazement.

  • April Tree of the Month: African Coral Tree

    The African Coral tree is one of the most spectacular of flowering trees.

  • March Tree of the Month: Golden Trumpet

    The Golden Trumpet Tree steals the show in any landscape, because it has the most intensely yellow - and stunning - display of flowers.

  • February Tree of the Month: Coast Redwood

    Awe-inspiring, breathtaking, amazing, and spectacular - just a few of the superlatives used for old growth Coast Redwoods.

  • January Tree of the Month: Red Ironbark Tree

    The Red Ironbark is a beautiful broadleaf evergreen tree that is truly remarkable in the great variability of its size, growth habit, bark, and flower color.  This can make identifying it - or even describing it - a bit tricky.

  • December Tree of the Month: Brazilian Pepper

    The Brazilian Pepper Tree puts on a dazzling show this time of year - not with flowers but with shiny green foliage and clusters of bright red fruit. 

  • November Tree of the Month: Eugenia

    You might be thinking - “Wait a minute - Eugenia isn’t a tree - it’s a hedge!”  Well, you would be partly right.

  • October Tree of the Month: Holly Oak

    The Holly Oak, a stately evergreen tree, was first introduced into California in 1858 and is now widely planted as a street tree and shade tree in Santa Barbara.

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