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  • January Tree of the Month: Indian Laurel Fig

    The Indian Laurel Fig makes a grand statement - and has a strikingly large presence along many of our major thoroughfares.

  • December Tree of the Month: Stone Pine

    When local residents hear the words “Stone Pine”, they instantly think of the massive trees on Anapamu Street that, for many years, formed a continuous arboreal canopy over the roadway from Milpas to Garden.

  • November Tree of the Month: Chinese Pistache

    Want to see in Santa Barbara leaf colors that rival the hardwoods of New England?  Look no further than the Chinese pistache.

  • October Tree of the Month: Australian Willow

    The Australian willow is as graceful and beautiful as a weeping willow by a cool stream - but is as drought-tolerant and hardy as a Eucalyptus in the dry heat.

  • September Tree of the Month: Island Oak

    Island oak, the rarest oak in California, also happens to be one of the best broadleaf evergreen trees to plant in Santa Barbara, because it is such a stunning shade tree and because it is native to our area.

  • August Tree of the Month: Chinese Elm

    For a beautiful shade tree that looks good all year long, you can’t beat the Chinese Elm. 

  • July Tree of the Month: Brisbane Box

    The Brisbane box tree can best be described as a beautiful, refined, and well-behaved Eucalyptus tree.

  • June Tree of the Month: King Palm

    The King Palm is the patriarchal monarch of all palms because of its elegant fronds, beautiful symmetry, and tropical effect in the landscape. 

  • May Tree of the Month: Camphor Tree

    This time of year, if you see a tree from a distance that looks like billowing clouds of lime-green cotton candy, it is most likely a Camphor Tree.

  • April Tree of the Month: Victorian Box

    The sweet perfumed air that has been wafting through Santa Barbara for the last several weeks is scented, in large part, from the “Victorian Box Tree”

  • March Tree of the Month: Monterey Cypress

    The Monterey cypress is recognized, worldwide, as the iconic tree of the California Coast.

  • February Tree of the Month: Olive Tree

    The image of a Mediterranean garden is not complete without a picturesque olive tree.

  • January Tree of the Month: California Sycamore

    The California sycamore truly shines in the winter with bark that glows in the sun. 

  • December Tree of the Month: Canary Island Pine

    The Canary Island Pine, a subtropical conifer, is one of the most striking skyline trees seen in Santa Barbara. 

  • November Tree of the Month: Deodar Cedar

    The Deodar Cedar is a majestic conifer which makes a stunning focal point in the landscape, and it's our tree of the month.

  • October Tree of the Month: Fire-Wheel Tree

    “Fire-wheel Tree” may seem like a strange name for a tree, until you see its fiery-red, circular-shaped, flower clusters (called umbels), which look like flaming bicycle wheels!

  • September Tree of the Month: Canary Island Date Palm

    The Canary Island Date Palm is our September Tree of the Month.

  • August Tree of the Month: Red-Flowering Eucalyptus

    When Santa Barbara decorates for Fiesta every August, the Red-flowering Eucalyptus participates by putting on a spectacular display of vibrantly colored flowers.

  • July Tree of the Month: Snow in Summer

    What a surprise it is to see this tree in Santa Barbara in June or July, since it appears to be covered with freshly fallen snow - hence the common name, “Snow-in-Summer!”

  • June Tree of the Month: Mexican Fan Palm

    The Mexican Fan Palm, a most iconic “skyline” tree, is also the most common palm in the beach areas of Santa Barbara.

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