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  • What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

    For people who are choosing to stay in their homes during the pandemic, how are you thinking about safety if there’s a mandatory evacuation for wildfire?

  • Lake Cachuma Visit

    An edhat reader shares photos from a recent visit to Lake Cachuma.

  • Do Signs Make a Difference?

    An edhat reader asks if posting signs stating those who need to be rescued in dangerous conditions will be charged, would be effective in the local community?

  • What are Spark Free Zones?

    An edhat reader shares the importance of "Spark Free Zones" along roadways.

  • Local Wildfire Evacuation Routes?

    An edhat reader wonders if everyone has evacuation plans and routes in case of a fast-moving wildfire.

  • Edison's Plan to De-Energize

    An edhat reader points out Southern California Edison's plan to turn off resident's power during "weather events."

  • What's the Temperature at Your Location?

    An edhat reader wants to know what the temperature is where you're located.

  • Heat Wave Snacks

    What are your favorite snacks during a heat wave?

  • Does Santa Barbara County Have a Cooling Center List?

    A heatwave is predicted for next week, does Santa Barbara County have a list of cooling centers?

  • Are You Prepared for the Next Fire?

    An edhat reader wonders if you're prepared for the next fire and evacuation in Santa Barbara County?

  • Bird Nest ID

    An edhat reader found a bird's nest and is curious if anyone can identify the type of bird it belonged to.

  • Long Term Care Insurance Premiums

    What do edhat readers think about the increasing cost of LTC insurance (Long Term Coverage) for senior citizens?


  • PG&E to Shut Off Power in Wind and Fire Danger

    An edhat reader reports the PG&E will begin shutting off power during high fire and wind dangers. What do edhatters think of this?

  • How Naturalized is Your Garden?

    Time for gardening!  Rain has helped, and Spring is warming things up.

  • Rock Sculpture Idea for Montecito

    An edhat reader stumbled upon a unique rock structure that might a good idea for Montecito debris.

  • Snow on Santa Ynez Peak

    An edhat reader notices snow on the top of Santa Ynez Peak Tuesday morning visible on a live webcam. 

  • Nesting Bird Box Tips

    An edhat reader shares tips on how to build the perfect nesting bird box.

  • Regrouping After the Thomas Fire

    An edhat reader wants to know how everyone is feeling after the threat of the Thomas Fire has been lifted.

  • Insurance Coverage for Hotel Stays

    Will insurance companies cover the cost of staying at a hotel during evacuation from the Thomas Fire?

  • Best Wildfire Alerts?

    An edhat reader wonders, what's the best way to receive alerts for wildfires?

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