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  • Watching the ISS

    Ron captured a stunning photo of the International Space Station from Hendry's Beach.

  • A Colorful Moon

    Ron shares a colorful photo of the recent "Beaver Moon" in our local skies.

  • Views of the Falcon 9 Launch

    Ron shares photos of Thursday's Falcon 9 rocket launch from Vandenberg.

  • M31: The Andromeda Galaxy

    If one stays up late, it could be worthwhile to visit a dark location around midnight and look straight up a bit to the east. 

  • View of the International Space Station

    Ron captured a photo of the International Space Station in our local skies.

  • Fiesta Pequeña Lights Up the Stage

    Edhat readers share photos of Fiesta Pequeña from Old Mission Santa Barbara on Wednesday evening.

  • Summer Solstice Dawn

    Those of us awake just before dawn on the 2022 Summer Solstice were treated with a rare planetary alignment that won't occur again for nearly two decades. 

  • The Pleiades

    Ron took advantage of the New Year's sparkling clear skies following our bountiful rains to photograph the Pleiades.

  • Flowing To The Sea

    Today is Winter Solstice and the sunsets continue to be glorious.

  • Parade of Lights Highlights

    After a two-year suspension due to Covid the 35th Annual Parade of Lights was a big success at Santa Barbara Harbor.

  • Comet Leonard

    Comet Leonard is 2021’s best comet and is now moving toward its closest point to the sun.

  • Winter Sunsets Are Beginning

    Ron shares a colorful winter sunset over low tide.

  • Andromeda Galaxy

    The Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31) is now overhead in Santa Barbara's night sky.

  • Fiery Sunset

    An edhat reader shares a photo of a "fiery" sunset from Wednesday.

  • Conjunction Of The Month

    At dusk on Saturday, October 9, clear skies in Santa Barbara revealed the arresting conjunction of the four-day-old crescent Moon shining only 2.5 degrees away from brilliant Venus. 

  • Moon Rise Over the Santa Barbara Channel

    Ronald captured a photo of the moonrise over the Santa Barbara Channel on Sunday.

  • July 4th Fireworks are Back

    Edhat readers share photos and videos of the July 4th fireworks.

  • Flower Supermoon

    Edhat readers share photos of Tuesday evening's Flower Supermoon.

  • April Moon

    Ronald captured a photo of April's full "pink moon."

  • The Moon Has A Rugged Landscape

    Ronald shares a close-up photo of the moon being just 5 days old on March 18.

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