Articles From : Spark Rescue

  • Local Pet Rescue In Need of Foster Volunteers

    Spark Rescue is in desperate need of foster homes for adoptable dogs or a litter of puppies and is seeking new volunteers.

  • Dogs of the Week: Pippa and Phoenix

    Meet Pippa and Phoenix, two adorable puppies who are ready for their new homes.

  • Cat of the Week: Toblerone

    As sweet as the chocolate he's named after, 1-year-old Toblerone quickly warms up to people.

  • Dog of the Week: Finn

    Meet Finn, an adorable 1-year-old male Lhasa/Tibetan/terrier/poodle mix that will steal your heart.

  • Dog of the Week: Lola

    Meet Lola, she's not a showgirl but she is an adorable cuddlebug who is available for adoption.

  • Cats of the Week: Tom, Darla, Doris and Daisy

    Meet Tom, Darla, Doris, and Daisy, four kittens who are looking for homes.

  • Dog of the Week: Tasia

    Meet Tasia, a sweet and socialized pup who is ready for adoption.

  • Dog of the Week: Jimi

    Meet Jimi, a happy-go-lucky, 3.5-month-old male shitzu/cocker spaniel/terrier mix that is ready to find his forever home.

  • Dog of the Week: Kingston

    Meet Kingston, an 11-week-old puppy mix who loves to be babied.

  • Cat of the Week: Marla

    Meet Marla, a playful cuddlebug who needs a home.

  • Dog of the Week: Sadie

    Meet Sadie, a cuddly pup who is ready for adoption.

  • Cat of the Week: Tao

    Meet Tao, an indoor kitty who is ready to explore your home.

  • Cat of the Week: Tom

    Meet Tom, a loving and gentle kitten who's ready for adoption.

  • Dog of the Week: Spencer

    Meet Spencer, a sweet and clever Jack Russell mix who is ready for adoption. 

  • Dog of the Week: Liza

    Meet Liza, a young pup who is just as sweet as she is smart, and she's in need of a home!

  • Cats of the Week: Darla and Doris

    Meet Darla and Doris, two kittens who are in need of a loving home.

  • Dog of the Week: Isaac

    Meet Isaac, a playful pup in a small package.

  • Cat of the Week: Daisy Flower

    Meet Daisy Flower, a young kitten who's a bit shy but would love to come out of her shell.

  • Dog of the Week: Duffy

    Meet Duffy, a low energy companion dog who is ready for cuddling and Netflixing.

  • Cat of the Week: Daisy Blu

    Meet Daisy Blu, a quiet cat who is ready to be your Valentine.

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