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  • Highway 101 Southbound Bypass View

    Patti shares photos of the wonky bypass lanes on Highway 101 south of Carpinteria towards Ventura.

  • Dolphin Interactions

    Patti details her experience at SeaWorld San Diego's dolphin interaction program.

  • Sand Dollars and Low Tide

    Patti shares photos of Faria Beach at low tide last week.

  • Foggy Sunset

    Patti shares photos of a foggy sunset over the islands.

  • Old Trolley Tracks?

    Patti wonders if these are old trolley tracks being pulled up from the street for the new Desal Water Project?

  • Construction on Las Positas

    Patti suggests avoiding Las Positas due to the recent construction.

  • Dolphins at Faria Beach

    Patti captures photos of rowdy dolphins playing off the coast of Faria Beach.

  • Faria Beach Sunset

    Patti captures a photo of a golden sunset from Faria Beach. 

  • Alisal Fire Sunset

    Patti shares photos of a red and hazy sunset caused by the Alisal Fire.

  • Faria Beach

    Patti shares a landscape photo of Faria Beach and a throwback from the lightning storm.

  • Rincon Dolphins

    Patti shares photos of dolphins showing off near Rincon Point.

  • Faria Beach Surf

    Patti shares photos of waves and surf at Faria Beach.

  • Dolphins at Sunset

    Patti shares photos of dolphins off Rincon during sunset on Memorial Day.

  • Mat Surfing

    Patti shares a photo of clouds and waves while mat surfing at Solimar Beach.

  • Deserted Los Angeles

    Patti shares photos of a deserted Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Beach Views

    Edhat readers share views of local beaches while keeping a distance.

  • Surf at Solimar and Leadbetter

    Patti shares photos of body surfing and mat surfing at Solimar and Leadbetter beaches.

  • Josh Groban Performs at Santa Barbara Bowl

    Patti shares photos of Josh Groban performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

  • Circle Bar-B Parties Without Power

    Patti shares a rockin' photo of a party at Circle Bar-B that went on without power.

  • ZZ Top at the Arlington Theater

    Patti shares photos of ZZ top performing at the Arlington Theatre for their 50th-anniversary tour.

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