Articles From : SBRocks

  • Deserted Los Angeles

    Patti shares photos of a deserted Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Beach Views

    Edhat readers share views of local beaches while keeping a distance.

  • Surf at Solimar and Leadbetter

    Patti shares photos of body surfing and mat surfing at Solimar and Leadbetter beaches.

  • Josh Groban Performs at Santa Barbara Bowl

    Patti shares photos of Josh Groban performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

  • Circle Bar-B Parties Without Power

    Patti shares a rockin' photo of a party at Circle Bar-B that went on without power.

  • ZZ Top at the Arlington Theater

    Patti shares photos of ZZ top performing at the Arlington Theatre for their 50th-anniversary tour.

  • Miners Ace Hardware Now Open in Goleta

    An edhat reader reports the Miner's Ace Hardware on Fairview is now open.

  • Lake Cachuma Two Months Apart

    Patti shares photos of Lake Cachuma between January and March of this year.

  • Lake Cachuma After the Rain

    Patti shares photos of Lake Cachuma after the recent rainstorms.

  • Low Lake Levels and Training at Cachuma

    Patti shares photos of low lake levels and Santa Barbara County Fire Department training exercise at Lake Cachuma.

  • Fiesta Dancers at Paseo Nuevo

    Patti shares photos of Linda Vega dancers on stage at Paseo Nuevo.

  • Riding for the Cure

    Patti captured photos of Rancheros Visitadores "Ridding for the Cure" along Highway 101.

  • San Ysidro Creek Rocks

    Patti shares photos of the rocks surrounding the San Ysidro Creek in Montecito.

  • View from Morro Bay Rock

    Patti discovered it's possible to drive out to the Morro Bay rock and shares photos.