Articles From : SBCountyLocal

  • Op-Ed: Santa Barbara City Council, Reinstate Virtual Meetings

    A local resident is asking for the City of Santa Barbara to reinstate virtual meetings for advisory boards.

  • OP-ED: Public Comment Time Should be Preserved at SB City Council Meetings

    [Update]: A local resident is concerned that changing public comment times during the Santa Barbara City Council Meetings will exclude people.

  • Stolen Hand Sanitizer

    An edhat reader reports hand sanitizer was stolen from their vehicle and wonders if anyone else has experienced this?

  • Opinion: Salvation Army Homeless Project at City Review Board

    A meeting will be held Monday evening on the proposed Salvation Army housing on S. Alisos Street.

  • Community Meeting on Homeless Facility Slated for the Eastside

    The Salvation Army has proposed a housing facility for the chronically homeless on Santa Barbara's Eastside and one resident is against it.

  • Sign or Mural? The Funk Zone Brand

    An edhat reader wonders if this recent mural in the Funk Zone is brand sign or a piece of art.

  • Funk Zone Changes

    A local resident questions if the City of Santa Barbara violated the Brown Act.

  • Bergamot Oranges?

    Does anyone grow or sell bergamot oranges locally?

  • Where Can I find Aji Panca Chiles?

    Does anyone know if there is a local store where I can buy Aji Panca Chiles in the Santa Barbara area?

  • Your Questions for Target Community Meeting

    What questions are residents going to ask Councilmember Friedman about at the Community Meeting being held on Target moving into the Galleria?

  • Clean Power Alliance Discussion

    An edhat reader reports a Clean Power Alliance meeting with the Santa Barbara City Council on Tuesday.

  • How to Keep Ash Out?

    Do edhatters have tips on how to prevent ash from coming through the cracks of windows and doors?

  • Bird I.D.

    Can edhat readers identify this bird?

  • History of Pollen Counts

    Would anyone have or know where to find a history of the pollen counts by type of allergen for Santa Barbara?

  • Real or Plastic Grass at the Entrada?

    An edhat reader reports the Santa Barbara City Council will review the Entrada's installation of plastic grass over real grass.

  • Teens Hanging Outside Moving Vehicle

    An edhat reader reports seeing teenagers hanging outside of a moving vehicle on Sycamore Canyon.