Articles From : Roger

  • Brush Fire Near Ventura Golf Course

    Roger reports a brush fire in the Ventura River bottom near the Buena Vista Golf Course.

  • Sheared Fire Hydrant on Calle Real

    Roger reports a sheared fire hydrant following a traffic collision on Calle Real.

  • Motorcyclist Down on Highway 101

    Roger reports a motorcyclist is down on Highway 101 southbound near Mariposa Reina.

  • Climber Rescued on Cliff Drive

    Roger reports a climber needed to be rescued after climbing up a cliff and getting stuck.

  • Armed and Dangerous Vehicle Thief

    Roger reports a possibly armed and dangerous vehicle thief out of Atascadero.

  • Smoke Investigation at Police Department

    Roger reports a smoke investigation inside the Santa Barbara Police Department on E. Figueroa Street.

  • Suspect Brandishing a Machete

    Roger reports a suspect was brandishing a machete in Dwight Murphy Park.

  • Police Activity

    Roger reports police activity and a possible investigation.

  • Smoke Investigation on N. Hope Ave

    Roger reports a smoke investigation in the 200 block of N. Hope Ave.

  • Structure Fire on Oceano St.

    Roger reports a structure fire in the 100 block of Oceano near SBCC.

  • Stolen Vehicle at 76 Gas Station

    Roger reports a stolen vehicle from the 76 gas station on S. Milpas Street.

  • Strong Arm Robbery of Office Supplies

    Roger reports an strong arm robbery of office supplies on De La Vina Street.

  • Injured Hiker is a Training Rescue

    Roger reports an injured hiker near Rattlesnake Trail that turned out to be a training rescue.

  • Traffic Collision Near Painted Cave Road

    Roger reports a traffic collision in the 1800 block of Highway 154 near Painted Cave Road.

  • Illegal Burn on Shoreline

    Roger reports a transient set a dead skunk on fire in the 1200 block of Shoreline.

  • Boat Fire off Leadbetter Beach

    Roger reports a boat fire off Leadbetter Beach that turned out to be a fishing boat using flares.

  • Police Pursuit of Suspect on De La Vina

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are pursuing a domestic disturbance suspect in the 1800 block of De La Vina.

  • Wasp Attack on Harbor Drive

    Roger reports a wasp attack in the 1400 block of Harborview Drive.

  • Police Pursuit Through Montecito

    Roger reports an early morning police pursuit through Montecito.

  • Man at Gunpoint

    Roger reports a man at gunpoint in the 1300 block of East Cabrillo Blvd.

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