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  • Wanted Suspect Arrested After Barricading in Apartment

    [Update]: A convicted felon from Carpinteria was arrested on Monday after barricading himself in a Goleta apartment.

  • Scanner Reports 2-25-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Bee hive under a picnic table at Oak Park, a police officer blocked off the area with caution tape to protect the bees, says they will most likely "bee gone" by the end of the day.

  • Rock Climber Injured After Fall

    [Update]: A rock climber was injured after falling 10 to 15 feet off the Cold Springs Trail on Sunday afternoon.

  • Two Pedestrians Hit by Vehicle

    Roger reports two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle on Castillo Street.

  • Report of Woman Forced Into Car

    Roger reports a woman was seen being forced into a vehicle on Arrellaga Street.

  • Scanner Reports 2-22-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Anyone could become homeless, it doesn't matter how secure you think you are everything could fall through and you could end up on the streets."

  • Fired Employee Disturbance

    Roger reports an ex-employee causing a scene at a business on Grey Ave.

  • Sheriff Pursuit on Highway 101

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies are pursuing a vehicle southbound on Highway 101 near Turnpike Road.

  • Police Officer Injured in Traffic Collision

    [Update]: A motorist on Las Positas Road collided with a Santa Barbara Police Motorcycle Officer Wednesday morning.

  • Scanner Reports 2-20-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Does everyone just panhandle or does anyone work anymore?"

  • Traffic Collision on Casitas Pass

    Roger reports a traffic collision with an injury in the 1000 block of Casitas Pass.

  • Injured Runner on Romero Canyon Trail

    [Update]: Montecito firefighters responded to Romero Canyon Trail for a report of an injured runner.

  • Scanner Reports 2-18-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "An SBPD  officer went searching for a burglary suspect and found him behind Nortons Deli. It sounded as if there was a little resisting but after having him at gunpoint things settled down a bit."

  • Traffic Collision on State and Carrillo

    Roger reports a traffic collision with an injury at State and Carrillo Streets.

  • Suspected Arrested for Brandishing a Gun

    Roger reports a suspect was arrested for brandishing a gun in downtown Santa Barbara.

  • Stolen Car Suspects Arrested

    Roger reports two stolen vehicle suspects were arrested at gunpoint in the 600 block of De La Vina.

  • Solo Vehicle Rollover on Highway 101

    Roger reports a single vehicle rollover on Highway 101 near Refugio.

  • Scanner Reports 2-15-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Some of the homeless are acting out and breaking the law while there are real homeless people out there that need help and want it but are too afraid to ask."

  • Child Struck by a Vehicle

    Roger reports a juvenile was struck by a vehicle on Chapala.

  • Domestic Disturbance on Yanonali

    Roger reports a domestic violence report in the 1000 block of E. Yanonali.

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