Articles From : Roger

  • Scanner Reports 6-20-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "A Drunk female was trying to board the Amtrak train but the conductor will not let her."

  • Vehicle Fluid Spill on Garden St.

    Roger reports a fluid spill on the Garden Street underpass after a vehicle collision.

  • Brandishing A Gun on Nopal

    Roger reports someone brandished a gun in the 1200 block of N. Nopal.

  • Cemetery Vandalism

    Roger reports a truck drove through the Carpinteria Cemetary and damaged headstones.

  • Pedestrian Hit on De La Vina

    Roger reports a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in the 2800 block of De La Vina.

  • Small Cigarette Fire on Stearn's Wharf

    Roger reports a cigarette started a small fire on Stearn's Wharf.

  • Scanner Reports 6-18-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. “Male subject walking around talking to himself reporting party says he is acting as if he is Mentally Ill in Waller Park, I guess it's a crime to be mentally ill now....QUICK EVERYBODY ACT NORMAL”

  • Traffic Collision on Calle Real

    Roger reports a traffic collision with an injury at Hope and Calle Real.

  • Animal Cruelty

    Roger reports two people are throwing rocks at an injured bird.

  • Gun Stolen from Vehicle

    Roger reports a gun was stolen from a vehicle in the Denny's parking lot.

  • Gun Brandishing

    Roger reports bikers possibly brandished a gun and shot into a vehicle on Highway 166

  • Assault on Anapamu Footbridge

    Roger reports an assault on the Anapamu footbridge where the victim was knocked unconscious.

  • Attempted Robbery in Guadalupe

    Roger reports an attempted robbery near the YK Market in Guadalupe.

  • Missing At Risk Person

    Roger reports a possibly missing at-risk person may have had a medical emergency.

  • Traffic Collision on Highway 101

    Roger reports a traffic collision on Highway 101 southbound near Cabrillo with reported injuries.

  • Man at Gunpoint at Los Banos Pool

    Roger reports a subject with a knife is being held at gunpoint at the Los Banos Pool.

  • Scanner Reports 6-15-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "This thing about separating kids from their folks got me pretty out there somewhere between Anger and Insanity."

  • Vehicle Rollover on Highway 101

    Roger reports a vehicle rollover on Highway 101 southbound near the Castillo offramp.

  • Propane Fire

    Roger reports a propane fire in a BBQ on Foothill Road.

  • Intoxicated Man Arrested on Cota

    Roger reports a man was arrested for being intoxicated in the 300 block of W. Haley Street.

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