Articles From : Roger

  • Scanner Reports 1-24-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "This morning I heard this one Male walked down State street from Anapamu holding what looks like a gun to his head."

  • Thief Detained on Modoc

    Roger reports a suspected thief was detained on Modoc.

  • City Vehicle Involved in Traffic Accident

    Roger reports a City vehicle was involved in a minor traffic accident on Hot Springs Rd.

  • Bicyclist Hit by a Vehicle

    Roger reports a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle in Los Olivos.

  • Suspicious vehicle in Montecito

    Roger reports a suspicious vehicle that may have been used in a burglary in Montecito.

  • Traffic Accident on Bath Street

    Roger reports a traffic accident on Bath and Haley Streets.

  • Scanner Reports 1-22-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Some people work to make a living, some people steal to make a living."

  • Sleeping Bag on Fire

    Roger reports a sleeping bag fire across the street from the Rescue Mission.

  • Traffic Hazard

    Roger reports a traffic hazard n Highway 101 near Los Carneros.

  • Head Injury During Traffic Incident on Highway 101

    Roger reports a head injury during a traffic collision on Highway 101 northbound near Los Carneros.

  • Traffic Accident on Highway 101

    Roger reports a traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound at Carrillo.

  • Scanner Reports 1-19-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "A horrible tragedy occurred in our community, this is our community, our people experienced a great loss and it ain't no friggen time to be pointing fingers."

  • Christmas Tree Fire

    Roger reports a Christmas tree fire on Castillo and Anapamu Streets.

  • Suspicious Subject Near High School

    Roger reports a suspicious subject making lewd comments near Santa Barbara High School.

  • Looter on Humphrey Road

    Roger reports a looter hit a house on Humphrey Road and sole guitars.

  • Scanner Reports 1-17-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Village Cheese and Wine shop have been feeding hungry responders since the disaster in Montecito occurred for free and they are open to receive donations to continue feeding our heroes."

  • Assault Response on Islay

    Roger reports Police responded to a reported assault in the 600 block of W. Islay.

  • Hit and Run on State Street

    Roger reports a felony hit and run of a pedestrian in the 3200 block of State Street.

  • Man with a Gun Turns Out to Be a Toy Gun

    Roger hears a report of a man with a gun near Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, it turned out to be a toy gun.

  • ATV's Bicyclists on Railroad Tracks

    Roger reports several kids were seen playing on railroad tracks on bicycles and ATV's.

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