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  • Scanner Reports 12-22-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Ashes to ashes, damn things."

  • Burglary or Vandalism on W. Victoria

    Roger reports a burglary or vandalism on W. Victoria Street.

  • Burglary Suspect Pursuit

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputies are pursuing a burglary suspect in Lompoc. 

  • Possible Stabbing

    Roger reports a possible stabbing near the Doubletree.

  • Fight on the Westside

    Roger reports a fight on the Westside with six against one.

  • Scanner Reports 12-20-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. "I think those firefighters saved our bacon and our town.

  • Robbery Suspect

    Roger reports two robbery suspects from Ventura County believed to be headed north in a Honda sedan.

  • Suspicious Man Trying to Sell Insurance Dressed as Firefighter

    Roger reports a suspicious man was dressed as a firefighter going door to door trying to sell insurance.

  • Armed Robbery Attempt on the Westside

    Roger reports an armed robbery attempt at Fernando's Market on the Westside.

  • Suspicious Person at Montecito Home

    Roger reports a suspicious person was seen on video surveillance cameras at a Montecito home.

  • Disturbance at Cottage Hospital

    Roger reports a disturbance at Cottage Hospital.

  • Scanner Reports 12-18-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Saturday morning I woke up to the heavy odor of smoke opening my eyes."

  • Traffic Accident on Railroad Tracks

    A traffic accident with an injury took place on the railroad tracks on W. Montecito.

  • Suspected Burglars Turned Out to be Firefighters

    Roger reports a call about suspected burglars in a residence turned out to be firefighters.

  • Highway 101 at Turnpike Now Open

    [Update]: Highway 101 northbound is expected to open near Turnpike around 5:00 p.m. on Saturday after a tanker-truck carrying 8,700 gallons of fuel flipped over after colliding with a sedan on Friday evening.

  • Looters Reported

    Roger reports law enforcement are looking for looters.

  • Fire is Moving in Montecito

    Roger reports the Thomas Fire is moving quickly in Montecito, get out now!

  • Robbery Suspect Pursued

    Roger reports a robbery suspect was pursued by Santa Barbara Police.

  • Small Fire in the 500 Block of State Street

    Roger reports a small fire in the 500 block of State Street was quickly extinguished. 

  • Dust Mistaken for Fire on N. San Marcos Rd.

    Roger reports dust from an orchard on N. San Marcos Road was mistaken for a brush fire.

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