Articles From : Roger

  • Gun Brandishing Inside Vehicle

    Roger reports a gun was brandished inside a gray BMW on Upper State Street.

  • Traffic Collision with Police Car

    Roger reports a box truck collided with a Santa Barbara Police Department vehicle.

  • Brush Fire Near Castillo Off-Ramp

    Roger reports a brush fire near a homeless camp at the Castillo Street offramp from Highway 101.

  • Brush Fire Near Twin Lakes Golf Course

    Roger reports a possible brush fire near the Twin Lakes Golf Course in Goleta.

  • Medical Response on Calle Cesar Chavez

    Roger reports a medical response with CPR in progress in the 100 block of S. Calle Cesar Chavez/

  • Assault Victim Near La Mesa Park

    Roger reports an assault in the 1900 block of El Camino De La Luz near La Mesa Park.

  • Illegal Campers at La Mesa Park

    Roger reports illegal campers are pitching tents at La Mesa Park.

  • Large Fight Near State and Ortega

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are responding to a large fight near State and Ortega Streets.

  • Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

    Roger reports a small brush fire on Highway 101 southbound at the Castillo Street off-ramp.

  • Vehicle Rollover at Cabrillo Offramp

    Roger reports a vehicle has rolled over at the Cabrillo Blvd. northbound offramp.

  • Domestic Dispute on Shoreline

    Roger reports a domestic disturbance in the 800 block of Shoreline Drive.

  • Kite Surfer in Distress

    Roger reports an ocean rescue of a kite surfer in distress off Stearn's Wharf.

  • Stabbing at Goleta Beach

    Roger reports a stabbing at Goleta Beach.

  • Brush Fire Near State Street Offramp

    Roger reports a brush fire on Highway 101 northbound near the State Street offramp.

  • Truck Collides with Bridge Near Bailard Offramp

    Roger reports a large truck may have collided with a bridge near the Bailard offramp on Highway 101 northbound.

  • Brush Fire Near Santa Maria

    Roger reports a brush fire off Highway 166 near Santa Maria.

  • Vehicle Collision on Highway 101 Near San Ysidro

    Roger reports a vehicle collision on Highway 101 southbound near the San Ysidro offramp.

  • Possible DUI Driver on Upper State Street

    Roger reports a possible DUI driver at 5 points on Upper State Street.

  • Vegetation Fire on Loma Alta

    Scanner reporters are following a brush fire off Loma Alta in Santa Barbara.

  • Male with a Gun On Stearns Wharf

    Roger reports a male was seen with a gun at Char West on Stearns Wharf.


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