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  • Two Injured in Santa Ynez Traffic Collision

    [Update]: Two motorists were injured in a head-on traffic collision in Santa Ynez early Monday evening.

  • Scanner Reports 7-1-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "A customer who has been asked to leave and not come back is refusing to leave Starbucks on Coast Village Road."

  • Squatter in an RV

    Roger reports a potential squatter in an RV parked in a resident's driveway.

  • Traffic Collision on State Street

    Roger reports a traffic collision with an injury in the 400 block of State Street.

  • Vehicle Crashes into Light pole

    Roger reports a vehicle crashed into a light pole and parked cars on Cliff Drive.

  • Scanner Reports 6-27-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "The reports of checks getting ripped off from the mail angers me."

  • Assault on W. Montecito Street

    Roger reports an assault on W. Montecito and Castillo Streets near the 7-Eleven.

  • Tree Fire on Shoreline

    Roger reports a tree fire in the 1600 block of Shoreline Drive.

  • Vehicle Rollover in Goleta

    Roger reports a solo vehicle rollover collision on San Ricardo Drive in Goleta.

  • Victim Chasing Purse Thief

    Roger reports a victim is chasing a thief who stole their purse out of a vehicle in the 200 block of Castillo.

  • Scanner Reports 6-26-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Subject sleeping in the planter ZZZZZzzzzz, 1900 Block of Cliff Drive."

  • BBQ Fire

    Roger reports a BBQ fire in the 100 block of West Islay.

  • Paraglider Down Near Eling's Park

    Roger reports a paraglider is down with an injury near Elings Park.

  • Possible Water Rescue

    Roger reports on a possible water rescue half a mile out from the cliffs at Leadbetter Beach. 

  • Potential DUI Pulled Over

    Roger reports a vehicle was pulled over for a potential DUI that turned out to be an elderly driver.

  • Domestic Abuse Arrest

    Roger reports a domestic disturbance arrest in the 800 block of E. Canon Perdido.

  • Group Detained Near McKinley School

    Roger reports on a group of people rounded up near McKinley School that were running from Police.

  • Police Pursue SUV in Santa Barbara

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are pursuing a vehicle who failed to pull over.

  • Domestic Incident

    Roger reports a domestic disturbance in progess in the 500 block of W. Montecito Street.

  • Structure Fire In Lompoc

    Roger reports on a fire that broke out in Lompoc. 

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