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  • Scanner Reports 7-11-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Aggressive subject taking a shower in the Kids World bathroom."

  • Firefighters Rescue Woman Trapped in Sand

    A 73-year-old woman was rescued off Cabrillo Blvd after being trapped in waist-deep sand at the mouth of Mission Creek.

  • Missing At-Risk Elderly Man

    Roger reports a missing at-risk elderly man on S. Alisos.

  • Motorcycle and Bicycle Collision

    Roger reports a motorcyclist and bicyclist collided on Glen Annie.

  • Scanner Reports 7-9-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Well, I certainly did not expect the events of this past weekend."

  • Man Allegedly Brandished Rifle in Road Rage Incident

    Roger reports a man was arrested after brandishing a rifle after a road rage incident. 

  • Assault on Mason

    Roger reports an assault on Mason and Nopal.

  • Vehicle Crashes Over SR-154

    Roger reports a vehicle crashed over the side of SR-154 at Armour Ranch Road.

  • Domestic Violence Arrest in Public

    Roger reports a man was arrested near SBCC for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a knife.

  • Report of Fireworks Near Lake Cachuma

    Roger reports two subjects were seen lighting fireworks on Highway 154 near Lake Cachuma.

  • Robbery on West Carrillo

    Roger reports a robbery at 101 W. Carrillo with a theft of alcohol. 

  • ParaGlider Stuck in a Tree

    Roger reports a paraglider is stuck in a tree on Stanwood Drive.

  • Bicyclist Down

    Roger reports a bicyclist is injured on W. Mountain and Los Canoas.

  • Attempted Theft of Package

    Roger reports a woman tried to steal a package from someone's arms on Calle Real.

  • Traffic Collision on SR-154 at Calle Real

    Roger reports a traffic collision involving multiple vehicles at Highway 154 and Calle Real.

  • Transformer Sparking in Isla Vista

    Roger reports a transformer is sparking and possibly leaking in the 6600 block of Del Playa in Isla Vista.

  • Scanner Reports 7-6-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "There were a lot of fireworks down here on the Lower East Side, a lot of 'yellers' too."

  • Juvenile Burn Victim

    Roger reports a burn victim at El Capitan State Beach.

  • Bicyclist Struck by Vehicle

    Roger reports a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle on Gibraltar Road.

  • Reports of Person Lighting Several Campfires

    Roger hears a report of a possibly dangerous subject lighting several campfires off Gibraltar.

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