Articles From : Roger

  • Scanner Reports 6-15-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "This thing about separating kids from their folks got me pretty out there somewhere between Anger and Insanity."

  • Vehicle Rollover on Highway 101

    Roger reports a vehicle rollover on Highway 101 southbound near the Castillo offramp.

  • Propane Fire

    Roger reports a propane fire in a BBQ on Foothill Road.

  • Intoxicated Man Arrested on Cota

    Roger reports a man was arrested for being intoxicated in the 300 block of W. Haley Street.

  • Brush Fire Knocked Down on Via Chaparral

    [Update]: A tractor mower sparked a brush fire in the 900 block of Via Chaparral in Santa Barbara on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Gas Leak on E. Cota

    Roger reports a resident cut their gas line in the 1100 block of E. Cota Street.

  • Smoke Investigation

    Roger reports firefighters are responding a smoke investigation in the 100 block of N. La Cumbre.

  • Wrong Way Driver on Cabrillo

    Roger reports a wrong way driver at Cabrillo and Los Patos possibly hit a pedestrian.

  • Scanner Reports 6-13-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Don't you just love it when you bring something up someone did to you and they say 'Oh That happened a long time ago, let it go!'"

  • Sheriff’s Detectives Investigate Armed Robbery at Marijuana Cultivation Facility

    [Update]: Santa Barbara Sheriff's Detectives are investigating an armed robbery that took place at a Carpinteria marijuana cultivation facility.

  • PickPocket on State Street

    Roger reports an alleged pickpocket on State Street.

  • Police Pursue Stolen Vehicle

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are pursuing a suspect who is driving away in a stolen vehicle.

  • Aggressive Person on Shoreline

    Roger reports an aggressive subject threatening people in the 800 block of Shoreline Drive.

  • Brush Fire in Santa Maria

    Roger reports a small brush fire in Santa Maria

  • Brush Fire on Figueroa Mountain Road

    Roger reports a small brush fire in the 5100 block of Figueroa Mountain Road.

  • Traffic Collision on Cliff Drive

    Roger reports a traffic collision in the 2200 block of Cliff Drive with at least one injury.

  • Scanner Reports 6-11-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "I have been hearing more about people, as well as animals, becoming sick as a result of the Thomas Fire."

  • Traffic Backed Up on Highway 101 Following Collision

    Roger reports a traffic collision on Highway 101 northbound, just south of San Ysidro.

  • Man Dumps Detergent on Bus Bench

    Roger reports someone dumped detergent on a bus bench in Carpinteria.

  • Assault with a Skateboard

    Roger reports an assault with a skateboard on Milpas Street.

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