Articles From : Roger

  • Bicyclist Injured on Highway 101

    Roger reports a bicyclist with a head injury on Highway 101, south of Highway 1.

  • Scanner Reports 6-9-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  Medical call, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, 8 year old kid with his finger stuck in a lounge chair.

  • Hazmat Response on Camino Calma

    Roger reports a hazmat response in the first block of Camino Calma on the Mesa.

  • Transformer Fire on W. Pueblo

    Roger reports a transformer fire in the 500 block of W. Pueblo.

  • Vehicle Accident on Canon Perdido

    Roger reports a vehicle may have crashed into a building near Canon Perdido and Santa Barbara Street. 

  • Scanner Reports 6-7-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  I hate bullies. Those are the one type of people I really hate. 

  • Stolen Car and Cash at Girsh Park

    Roger reports a vehicle was stolen near Girsh Park.

  • Brush Fire Extinguished Along Highway 101

    Roger reports a brush fire along Highway 101 was extinguished near Los Patos on Tuesday morning.

  • Residential Burglary on W. Islay

    Roger reports an interrupted residential burglary in the 300 block of West Islay. 

  • Scanner Reports 6-5-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. "I remembered the field trips I went on as a kid and I got a real good feeling remembering how good they were."

  • Lost Hikers in Los Olivos

    Roger reports lost hikers were rescued in Los Olivos near the Davy Brown campgrounds.

  • Gun Brandishing in Pismo Beach

    Roger reports a subject brandished a gun in Pismo Beach and may be driving south. 

  • Juvenile Hit by Vehicle on Pacific Ave

    Roger reports a juvenile was hit by a vehicle in the 1300 block of Pacific Ave. 

  • Foot Pursuit of Suspect on State Street

    [Update]: Roger reports a foot pursuit of a suspect on State Street near Arrellaga that was arrested by Santa Barbara Police.

  • Assault Victim Found Downtown

    Roger reports an assault victim was found downtown, behind the Apple Store.

  • Injury Traffic Accident on Alisos

    Roger reports an injury traffic accident at Alisos and Alphonse.

  • Theft and Assault on Racheria

    Roger reports a theft and possible assault in the 400 block of Rancheria.

  • High Speed Motorcycle Pursuit in Gaviota

    Roger reports a high-speed pursuit of a motorcycle in Gaviota on Highway 101 Friday afternoon.

  • Suicide Attempt on 700 Block of Spring Street

    Roger reports a suicide attempt leading to a stand off on the 700 block of Spring Street

  • Motorcycle Pursuit 101 Northbound at La Cumbre

    Roger reports a motorcycle pursuit after a motorcyclist failed to yield on Highway 101

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