Articles From : Roger

  • Ocean Rescue

    Roger Reports an ocean rescue.

  • Possible Molotov Cocktail

    Roger reports a structure fire involving a Molotov Cocktail.

  • 417 Brandishing a Knife

    Roger reports a knife brandished at the Panda Express on 3800 Block of State Street.

  • Assault at Vera Cruz Park.

    Roger reports an assault at Vera Cruz Park.

  • Scanner Reports 7-21-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. Felony hit and run, someone’s foot run over by a truck. That would hurt.

  • Stabbing in Isla Vista

    Roger reports an assault behind the Loop apartment complex in Isla Vista.

  • Injury Traffic Accident

    20001 Felony hit and run faded red Toyota SBPD checking area possibly know which way they went...Occurred Victoria at Bath streets.
  • Tree Fire

    Roger reports a tree fire between Garden and Bath Streets.

  • Two Shark Attacks Reported on Thursday Morning

    [Update]: A kayaker was attacked by a shark near Stearn's Wharf while a paddleboarder was attacked near Goleta Beach, both on Thursday morning.

  • Dog Attacks a Horse

    Roger reports a dog attacked a horse with the dog taken into custody.

  • Structure Fire in Lompoc

    Roger reports a structure fire in Lompoc.

  • Man With a Gun on Mountain Drive

    Roger reports a dispute on W. Mountain Drive with a man who might have a gun. 

  • Scanner Reports 7-17-19

    Roger has the scanner reports.  4400 block of Radcliff, juvenile with a bean stuck in his nose.

  • Vehicle Rollover on Hwy 101 at Bath

    Roger reports a vehicle rollover on Highway 101 northbound near the Bath St. offramp.

  • Sheriff's Deputies in Vehicle Pursuit

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputies were in pursuit of a suspect vehicle. 

  • Appliance Fire

    Roger reports an appliance fire at The Marc apartment complex on State Street.

  • Scanner Reports 7-17-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. He was 30 then but looked 60. I guess he's around 77 years old now, so he must look 90 or a hundred.

  • Reported Stabbing at 76 Station in Goleta

    Roger reports a stabbing at the 76 Gas Station at 30 Winchester Canyon.

  • Elevator Rescue

    Roger reports 5 Souls on Board the Center Court Elevator at Paseo Nuevo.

  • Motorcycle over the Side of Cliff

    Roger reports a motorcycle crashed over the side of the cliff on Highway 166.

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