Articles From : Roger

  • Scanner Reports 9-8-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. I love when I'm messing with grub and I discover something new to me yet so damn simple I know everyone else knows about it.

  • Appliance Fire

    Roger reports an appliance fire on Ocean View.

  • Wrap Applied to Combative Subject

    Roger reports Police applied a wrap to a possibly combative subject near Leadbetter Beach.

  • Small Electrical Fire Near the Zoo

    Roger reports a small electrical fire that took place near the Santa Barbara Zoo on Wednesday evening.

  • Police Looking for a Black BMW

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are searching for the reckless driver of a black BMW.

  • High Speed Chase on Cliff Drive

    Roger reports a high-speed chase of a VW on Cliff Drive that was called off by Police.

  • Scanner Reports 9-6-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. I hope the woman got the help she needed or just felt grateful she did not go to jail.

  • Subject possibly thrown from a vehicle

    Injury Fire departmet and Medics on scene subject transported to Cottage code 3 lights and siren..
  • Brush Fire at Vera Cruz Park

    Roger reports a brush fire at Vera Cruz Park on E. Cota Street.

  • Scanner Reports 9-4-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  I have two fans, changed my shirt four times now, took a cold shower, it don't matter, I'm hot.

  • Water Rescue Off Wharf

    Roger reports over 15 people were in the ocean near Stearns Wharf after their boat capsized. 

  • Injured Hiker

    Roger reports an injured hiker near the Hot Springs trailhead.

  • Pedestrian Struck on San Pascual

    Roger reports a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the 600 block of San Pascual

  • Possible Assault on Hollister

    Roger reports a possible assault near Hollister and Pine in Goleta.

  • Traffic Accident on Mission

    Roger reports a traffic accident with an injury at Mission and State Streets.

  • Possible Fire on Highway 101

    Roger reports a possible fire along Highway 101 northbound near Hot Springs.

  • Scanner Reports 9-1-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  Someone is angry about the burglaries in the City. Lately there has been many, and by saying that, I mean a lot.

  • Sexual Assault on Calle Real

    Roger reports a sexual assault on the 4000 block of Calle Real.

  • Possible Assault or a 245...

    Santa Barbara Brewing Company Victim has a head injury...
  • Sexual Battery

    Roger reports sexual battery on the north side.

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