Articles From : Roger

  • Bicyclist Injured on Mission

    Roger reports a bicyclist was injured at Mission and Castillo Streets.

  • Domestic Disturbance on Oceano

    Roger reports a domestic disturbance in the 200 block of Oceano.

  • Dog Rescued from Douglas Preserve Cliff

    Roger reports a dog was rescued from the Douglas Preserve Cliffs.

  • Scanner Reports 10-9-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  Do people really think that deceased folks wait in their graves for something to piss them off from their former life so they can "roll in their graves"?

  • Subject Attempting to Stab People

    Roger reports a subject was threatening to stab people on State Street.

  • Vehicle Fire

    Roger reported a vehicle fire at Highway 154 and Calle Real.

  • Attempted Auto Theft

    Roger reported an attempted automobile theft at the 200 block of East Islay.

  • Vehicle Crashes into Carlitos

    Roger reports a vehicle crashed into the side of Carlitos Restaurant on State Street.

  • Injury Accident

    Cota at Chapala Fire department and Medics responding.
  • Medical Emergency on the 101...

    Roger reports a traffic accident on the 101.

  • 415 Domestic

    Possible 415 Domestic involved East Valley at Sycamore male with possibly self inflicted wounds..
  • Scanner Reports 10-6-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  In my opinion, people should be thoroughly checked out and educated before being allowed to own a gun. 

  • No Injuries in Santa Ynez Plane Crash

    A single engine plane crashed near Santa Ynez Airport Thursday morning with no injuries reported.

  • Report of a Vehicle Fire

    Roger reports a vehicle on fire on Highway 154.

  • Subject Threatens to Shoot White People

    Roger reports a subject was threatening to shoot people in Isla Vista.

  • Traffic Accident on Highway 101

    Roger reports a car crash on Highway 101, just north of Carrillo.

  • 594 Vandalism to the Piano

    Roger reports a case of vandalism.

  • Structure Fire in Carpinteria...

    SB City Fire responding to the 4500 Block of Carpinteria Ave at the Best Western...
  • Scanner Reports 10-4-17

    Roger has the scanner reports. I been thinking that if we would all just shut up and quit calling each other Snowflakes, Crybabies, Redneck Punks, Warmongers and the like, and started being nicer to each other, things like this horrible thing in Vegas might not happen.

  • 242 Assault Beat Down.....

    Roger reports a beat down on Oceano.

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