Articles From : Roger

  • Police Search for Possible Animal Abuser

    Roger reports SBPD are searching for a possible animal abuser at Modern Laundry.

  • Motorcycle and Vehicle Collision

    Roger reports a motorcyclist and vehicle collided on Sycamore Canyon Road.

  • Rollover Traffic Accident on Victoria

    Roger reports a rollover traffic collision on Victoria and Carmelita Streets.

  • Homeless Dog Bites Someone

    Roger reports a dog owned by a transient bit someone on Hollister Ave.

  • Vegetation Fire Along Highway 101

    [Update]: Two separate vegetation fires sparked along the southbound lanes of Highway 101 on Saturday.

  • Strong Arm Robbery

    Roger reports a strong arm robbery where two transients took a victim's bicycle on Castillo.

  • Don't mess with the Juveniles

    Roger reports a transient was harassing a group of juveniles who ended up chasing him.

  • Amtrak Reports Near Miss of Pedestrian

    Roger reports an Amtrak train stopped on the tracks due to a near miss of a pedestrian.

  • BearCat Responding to Man with Gun

    Roger reports there is a heavy police response to the 200 block of Palm Ave for a man with a gun in a van.

  • Vehicle Collision Near Garden

    Roger reports a multi-vehicle collision on Highway 101 southbound near the Garden Street exit.

  • Scanner Reports 3-29-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Report of a suspicious subject on top of the Granada Garage with repelling equipment and possibly a bungee cord last seen in the stairwell."

  • Body Found on W. Montecito Street

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are responding to a body found in the 200 block of W. Montecito near the train station.

  • CrushCakes Tip Jar Robbed Twice

    Roger reports money was stolen from the Crushcakes tip jar in Santa Barbara twice this morning.

  • Scanner Reports 3-27-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Three males fighting over a bicycle, possible strong-arm robbery of a bicycle near skaters point."

  • Fight at Office Max

    Roger reports a fight between two people at Office Max in Santa Barbara.

  • Scanner Reports 3-25-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. " I was found in a dumpster once, and I was alive too, someone threw away a perfectly good Roger."

  • Peeping Tom Arrested

    Roger reports a man was arrested for looking inside the window of a home in the 200 block of E. Victoria.

  • Bully Calls Cops on Man He Harassed

    Roger reports a bully called the Police on someone he harassed in a local grocery line.

  • Bicyclist Injured on La Colina

    Roger reports a bicyclist suffered a head injury after falling in the 4000 block of La Colina.

  • Red Porsche on Fire

    Roger reports a red Porsche is on fire in a city parking lot.

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