Articles From : Roger

  • Lojak hits......

    Roger reports a stolen vehicle.

  • Work Injury

    Roger reports a work injury at Home Improvement.

  • Multiple 415 Fights or Disagreements

    Roger reports a disturbance at Cottage.

  • Impersonating a Parking Lot Attendant

    Roger reports a transient impersonating a parking lot attendant.

  • Minor Injury Accident

    Roger reports a hit and run on West Gutierrez.

  • Semi on Fire

    Roger reports a vehicle on fire.

  • Injury Traffic Accident

    Roger reports a solo vehicle accident.

  • Suspicious Subject

    Roger reports a subject taking pictures of children on Hollister.

  • Scanner Reports 9-27-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  I hope you do the right thing; I'm pretty sure you will.

  • Traffic Accident....

    Roger reports another car accident.

  • Traffic Accident...

    Roger reports a traffic accident downtown.

  • Missing at Risk Adult Male

    Roger reports a missing elderly male.

  • Alert 2 at the Airport

    Roger reports a landing issue at the airport.

  • Injury Traffic Accident

    Roger reports a traffic incident downtown.

  • Scanner Reports 9-25-17

    Roger has the scanner reports.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm in Heaven on Earth.

  • Helicopter Crash at SBA

    [Update] The Santa Barbara City Fire Department has reported minor to moderate injuries for the two occupants.

  • Bicyclist Down

    Roger reports a bicyclist down at Cabrillo Bath House West Lot.

  • Naked Male Enters Victim's Motel Room

    Roger reports a naked male has entered victims motel room through a sliding glass door.

  • Short Pursuit in Santa Maria

    Roger reports a short Police pursuit in Santa Maria.

  • Domestic Violence on Patterson

    Roger reports a case of domestic violence on Patterson Road with a child involved.

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