Articles From : Roger

  • Structure Fire Response in Montecito

    Roger reports a structure fire response in Montecito.

  • Officer Needs Assistance

    Roger reports an SBPD officer called for assistance in the 200 block of W. Carrillo.

  • Assault on E. Canon Perdido

    Roger reports an assault in the 500 block of E. Canon Perdido.

  • Bicyclist Down

    Roger reports a bicyclist was injured on E. Cota Street.

  • Domestic Violence

    Roger reports a domestic violence incident outside 7-Eleven on Hollister Ave.

  • Scanner Reports 2-21-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Suspicious circumstances in the 600 Block of East Ortega, 2 subjects in a suspicious vehicle. I thought that park was all cleaned up, another political promise down the tubes, I hear things in Ortega Park all the time."

  • Palm Tree Fire

    Roger reports a palm tree caught fire on Alisos and Carpinteria Streets.

  • Fall From a 2nd Story Roof on Milpas

    Roger reports a serious injury after someone fell from a second story roof on N. Milpas.

  • Assault With a Baseball Bat

    Roger reports an assault with a baseball bat in the riverbed near SR-246 in Lompoc.

  • BBQ Fire on W. Arrellaga

    Roger reports the fire department is responding to a structure fire on Arrellaga Street.

  • Structure Fire on Moreno Road

    Roger reports a structure fire in the 700 block of Moreno Road.

  • Rape Reported on the Beach

    Roger reports a rape investigation on the beach.

  • Scanner Reports 2-19-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Once upon a time, long, long ago, a man named Peter Sklar took interest in my rants and offered to let me post things I heard over a police scanner and rant a little here on edhat."

  • Fight Between Roommates

    Roger reports a fight between roommates where one was sprayed with pepper spray.

  • Possible Missing Swimmers

    Roger reports possible missing swimmers off Mesa Lane.

  • Traffic Accident on La Cumbre

    Roger reports a traffic accident with injuries on South La Cumbre.

  • Woman Punched in the Face

    Roger reports a woman was punched in the face in Goleta.

  • Traffic Accident on Highway 101

    Roger reports a traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound near Garden Street.

  • Bicyclist Struck by Vehicle on State Street

    Roger reports a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle in the 1200 block of State Street.

  • Semi-Truck Traffic Accident on SR-154

    Roger reports a traffic accident on SR-154 involving a semi-truck.

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