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  • Garden Street Dog Celebrates Labor Day

    The Garden Street dog dresses up in honor of the Labor Day holiday.

  • Santa Barbara West Beach Fourth of July Celebration

    Here's your guide to the Santa Barbara Independence Day Fireworks events on the waterfront!

  • Homeless Camp Fire on Butterfly Beach

    John reports a fire on Butterfly Beach Monday night was not a bonfire, but a man clearing out items from a homeless camp.

  • Brush Fire Off Milpas

    John Palminteri reports a brush fire off the Milpas offramp on Monday evening.

  • Eucalyptus Tree Falls on County Food Bank Building

    High winds caused a large Eucalyptus tree to fall on the office of the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County.

  • Saint Joseph's Carnival in Carpinteria

    The 63rd Saint Joseph’s carnival in Carpinteria has drawn thousands of people this weekend.

  • Large Branch Crashes Into Downtown Dining Area

    John Palminteri reports a large branch from a tree crashed into outdoor dining areas in downtown Santa Barbara Tuesday.

  • Solstice Celebration

    John Palminteri shares photos of this past weekend's Solstice Celebration on State Street.

  • Memorial Day at Local Cemeteries

    John Palminteri shares photos of the Memorial Day event at the Carpinteria and Goleta cemeteries.

  • Semi-Truck Collides with Los Patos Overcrossing

    A tractor-truck collided with the Union Pacific railroad overcrossing at Los Patos Way Monday night at 10:22 p.m.

  • Old Mission Mass to End 2020

    Santa Barbara's Old Mission held a New Year's Eve mass to end 2020.

  • Storm Damage Throughout Town

    John Palminteri reports on some light storm damage throughout town in the past few days.

  • Adam's Angels Unites on Christmas Day

    John Palminteri reports the local community group Adam's Angels provided supplies for the community on Christmas Day.

  • Former Supervisor Mike Stoker Heads to Election Front Line in PA

    Former Santa Barbara County Supervisor Mike Stoker is in Pennsylvania as part of a team of lawyers on call by the reelection campaign to inspect any ballots with irregularities.

  • Real Ghostbusters?

    John Palminteri finds it odd that the supposedly haunted Big Yellow House in Summerland was tented for Halloween.

  • Hundreds Are Vaccinated at Drive-Thru Flu Clinics

    The Public Health Department administered 700 flu vaccinations on Thursday at one of two free drive-thru flu shot clinics.

  • Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club Merges with County Clubs

    The Santa Barbara United Boys & Girls Club has now merged with the United Clubs of Santa Barbara County.

  • Illegal Fireworks Sparked Throughout Town

    ‪Santa Barbara 911 lines were inundated with illegal fireworks calls on Saturday night, the July 4th holiday.

  • Westside Begins its Own Street Scene in Santa Barbara

    John Palminteri reports the Westside neighborhood is hosting "Weekends on the Westside" with street closures to revive the local economy.

  • Red Cross COVID-19 Changes

    In an area known for big disasters, the American Red Cross Central Coast Region has a new plan to be able to handle evacuees with adequate safety, spacing and sanitation to meet the COVID-19 conditions.     

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