Articles From : MontecitoFire

  • Coyote Fire Sparked 57 Years Ago

    On this day 57 years ago, the Coyote Fire started off of Coyote Rd. east of Sycamore Canyon.

  • Red Flag Warning for Santa Barbara County

    Montecito Fire Department is preparing for dangerously elevated fire weather conditions and asks community members to take steps now to be ready to evacuate in the event of a wildfire.

  • Vent Retrofit Program hardens Montecito homes ahead of fire season

    The Montecito Fire Department finished a pilot program to replace vents at local homes with more fire-resistant materials.

  • Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

    Montecito firefighters rescued a dog that had become lost while hiking with its humans on the Hot Springs Trail.

  • Temporary Parking Restrictions Near Miramar

    The Montecito Fire Department is imposing temporary parking restrictions near Miramar Ave and Humphrey's Road to allow more space for emergency vehicles.