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  • Mixed Messages: County Sues a Carpinteria Valley Cannabis Grower, Then Okays a Permit

    It’s been a smelly five years with little relief at the Polo Condos, neighbors of Island Breeze say.

  • Amid the Cannabis Glut, Growers Are Pulling Out

    North County operators with permits for more than 160 acres of pot walked away this month, as the Board of Supervisors sought a way to shore up slumping cannabis tax revenues.

  • County Planners Deflect a Cuyama Valley “Water Grab” by Harvard University

    Local ranchers, joined by Harvard students, oppose the university’s plans to build reservoirs at its large vineyard off Highway 166.

  • Carpinteria Citizens’ Group Seeks State Audit of County’s Cannabis Regulations

    A local cannabis watchdog sent a letter this week to the California State Auditor requesting that Santa Barbara County be placed “at the top of the list” for investigations of potential corruption in local cannabis regulation and licensing.

  • County Projects a $10.5 Million Shortfall in Cannabis Tax Revenue

    Carryover funds from previous years will take up the slack, officials say

  • The Slow Road to Fresh Air in the Carpinteria Valley

    Ceres Farms gets two years to install filters that can “scrub” the smell of pot from cannabis greenhouses.

  • Get a Whiff of This

    How some Carpinterians learned to sniff pot for science

  • Carpinteria Pot Wars: A Dutch Clean-Air Technology Gives Residents Some Hope

    Expensive carbon filters can “scrub” the stink of greenhouse cannabis, but how many growers will install them?

  • Prosecutors Move Against Five Cannabis Operators

    Felony charges include alleged perjury, conspiracy to commit crimes

  • Carpinteria Valley Cannabis Approaches a Milestone

    The acreage cap will soon be filled, but odor control lags far behind.

  • County Supervisors Hit Pause on Cannabis Tax Reform

    “Self-reporting” by growers has led to lost tax revenues, board says, but it will take time to come up with a fairer system.

  • Stricter Permits Are Coming for North County Cannabis

    Future “grows” will have to be “compatible” with the neighborhood, county supervisors say.

  • The 1/9 Debris Flow Was Not So Rare

    Montecito has been hit by four other debris-charged events during the past 200 years — and they were worse, researchers say.

  • Dayspring Associate Drops North County Cannabis Application

    “About as good news as we can expect,” Tepusquet Canyon residents say.

  • Making a Stink at Montecito Sanitary

    Dissident board member quits, saying, “I believe this board will never change its ways.”

  • Montecito Water Part 2: Recycling Revisited

    Affluent enclave explores shipping its sewage to Santa Barbara or the Carpinteria Valley.

  • Montecito Water Part 1: Is a Merger in the Works?

    The push to combine water and sewage districts is “a solution without a problem,” critics say.

  • Cresco Cannabis Appeal Fizzles at Coastal Commission

    Carpinteria Valley greenhouse project will not harm Arroyo Paredon Creek, state officials say.

  • County Projects $6 Million Cannabis Revenue Shortfall for 2021-22

    The county’s tax revenue from cannabis cultivation is projected to be only $12.4 million this fiscal year, or $6 million less than the $18.4 million that was forecast last June.

  • County Opens the Door to More Cannabis Processing

    But stiffer odor control regulations are coming in the North County, supervisors say.

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