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  • Cannabis Gets a Big Win in Wine Country

    Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors upholds a permit for the Busy Bee Organics outdoor cannabis “grow” near Buellton.

  • Cuyama Valley Carrot Growers get a “Past Due” Notice

    Under a new state law, Cuyama Valley carrot farmers face massive pumping reductions to help restore the depleted groundwater basin.

  • Signs of Life on Montecito’s Deadliest Block

    Rebuilding is slow in Montecito following the 1/9 Debris Flow, but survivors say it “mends the heart.”

  • Refining Montecito Water Rates for Desal: A Balancing Act

    Which Montecito water customers should bear the greatest share of the $4.3 million yearly cost of purchasing Santa Barbara water for the next 50 years?

  • Making Montecito Safer: Part 2

    Vowing to “keep it in the creeks,” a new group explores ways to permanently reduce the damage from recurrent debris flows.

  • Making Montecito Safer, Part 1

    A large debris basin will be constructed on San Ysidro Creek within two years, county officials say.

  • Montecito’s “Lousy” Ground Water Basin

    Shallow water table, proliferation of private wells will limit injection of a recycled water supply, geologists say.

  • How Thirsty is Montecito?

    The Montecito Water Board weighs rate hikes to buy a $4 million annual supply from Santa Barbara.

  • Montecito Takes A Step Toward Recycled Water

    On the heels of a severe drought and years of water rationing, a longstanding plan to provide recycled water for the vast lawn at the Santa Barbara Cemetery is finally gaining some momentum.

  • Goleta Water Moratorium Continues

    Despite winter rains, the Goleta Water District can’t lift its ban on new water meters.

  • Does Montecito want greater self-governance?

    County Supervisor Das Williams agrees to start “a conversation" over Montecito's self-governance

  • Montecito Water Rate Study Gets Delayed

    A deal to buy a long-term share of Santa Barbara’s water is now 32 months in the making.

  • Goleta Valley Grassroots Organizer Dies at 96

    Lifelong activist and grassroots organizer defending the Goleta Valley, Harriett Phillips, died at age 96 last month.

  • No Truce in Montecito’s Water Wars

    The plans for a new operations building at the Montecito Sanitary District – a project 15 years in the making – are suddenly in limbo, a potential casualty of Montecito’s divisive water wars.

  • Major Prehistoric Debris Flow is Found on Montecito Creek

    A major debris flow that's at least 1,000 years old was found on Montecito Creek, and that’s reassuring, UC Santa Barbara geologist says.

  • Commercial Sprayers Pull Out of Carpinteria Cannabis Deal

    Oxnard pest control companies that spray avocados in the Carpinteria Valley have pulled out of a proposed agreement with cannabis greenhouse operators, saying they can’t risk contaminating the marijuana crop.

  • Bob Sollen Passes at 97

    Bob Sollen, the dean of local journalists and the Boswell of the environmental movement, passed away on May 10.

  • The Unintended Consequences of Cannabis

    Can avocado and marijuana growers peacefully coexist in Carpinteria? Melinda Burns investigates.

  • Water Recycling Stalls in Montecito

    After promising wastewater recycling program, the Montecito Water Board is stalling while reviewing one project that would cost $31 million.

  • Montecito Journal Editor, Public Officials Get a Lesson in the Brown Act

    The Montecito Sanitary District lawyer has told board members they are violating the state Brown Act by engaging in group emails with a columnist for the Montecito Journal.

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